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  • Saturday April 30 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Saturday May 7 - River City Wrestling - 8:00 PM - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 1630 Goliad Rd.
  • Friday May 13 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Friday May 27 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday May 28 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Saturday June 4 - River City Wrestling - 8:00 PM - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 1630 Goliad Rd.
  • Friday June 10 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Friday June 24 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday June 25 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Saturday July 2 - River City Wrestling - 8:00 PM - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 1630 Goliad Rd.
  • Friday July 8 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Friday July 22 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday July 30 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Saturday August 6 - River City Wrestling - 8:00 PM - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 1630 Goliad Rd.
  • Friday August 12 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Friday August 26 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday August 27 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Saturday September 3 - River City Wrestling - 8:00 PM - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 1630 Goliad Rd.
  • Friday September 9 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Friday September 23 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday September 24 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Saturday October 1 - River City Wrestling - 8:00 PM - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 1630 Goliad Rd.
  • Friday October 14 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Friday October 28 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday October 29 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Saturday November 5 - River City Wrestling - 8:00 PM - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 1630 Goliad Rd.
  • Friday November 11 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday November 19 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Friday November 25 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday December 3 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Friday December 9 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday December 10 - River City Wrestling - 8:00 PM - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 1630 Goliad Rd.
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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

PWI Entertainment Show Results

Pro Wrestling International Entertainment
Premier Cheer
Saturday July 28 2007

Match # 1 - Manny Villalobos Jr. (win) vs. Panthera Negra
Match # 2 - Ozzy Manson vs. Big Daddy Dick Dallas (win)
Match # 3 - Triple Threat Match
Lemus II (win) vs. Madness vs. Pepper Rodriguez
Match # 4 - PWI U.S. Title Match
Champion Julio Martinez (win & retain title) vs. Challenger Blue Angel
Match # 5 - Tag Team Match
"Xtreme Asassins" - Chuey Martinez & Rexx Reed (win) vs. "Supreme Clientele" - "Hotsauce" Marco Riviera & Shawn Vexx
Match # 6 - PWI Heavyweight Title Match
Challenger Mojo (win & new champion) vs. Champion The Great Ryu

Next show SPLACH Bar & Grill August 11th
Gates open @ 7pm
Bell time @ 8pm
Tickets $8.00 Kids 10 and under free
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

These results were sent to the San Antonio Independent Wrestling Scene by Marcello and JR. Thanks guys.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

IWA-Texas: ACW "Pick Your Poison" Results & Notes

IWA-Texas: Anarchy Championship Wrestling
"Pick Your Poison"
The Venue
Sunday, July 29 2007

Match # 1 - First Round Young Guns U-30 Title Tournament Match
Berry Breeze (win) vs. Julio Garza
Match # 2 - Miss Diss_Lexia vs. Rachel Summerlyn (win)
Match # 3 - 4 Man Elimination Scramble Match
(order eliminated) Bart McClintock vs. Pepper Rodriguez vs. Austin Riley vs. Problems (win)
Match # 4 - First Round Young Guns U-30 Title Tournament Match
"Showcase" Shance Williams (win) vs. Ricky Rhodes with Gator
Match # 5 - Massive (win) vs. Nathan Sin
Match # 6 - Tag Team Title - 4 Way Elimination Match
(order eliminated) Challengers Supreme Clientele: Shawn Vexx & "Hotsauce" Marco Riviera vs. Challengers Double Trouble: Tony Vega & Chris James vs. Champions Kissyboots: Rachel Summerlyn & Skylar Skelly vs. Challengers Sexy Fox-a-Dellics: Rory Fox & "One Man" Mike Dell (win & new champions)
Match # 7 - "Solid Gold" Gregory Symonds vs. "Showtime" Scot Summers (win)
Match # 8 - Feature Match
Chris Hero vs. Masada (no decision)
Match # 9 - Main Event - Four Corners of Death
"Xtreme Bulldawg" Rexx Reed (win) vs. Darin Childs

Notes: Anarchy Championship Wrestling presented "Pick Your Poison" Sunday night with a action packed show of nine matches starting at an earlier time and running close to 3 1/2 hours at the Venue at 800 Lexington. All future Sunday shows at the Venue will start at 5 PM to allow for the longer shows.

The first match was a first round tournament match for the new "Young Guns" Under 30 title. ACW favorite Berry Breeze faced the rookie sensation Julio Garza. Fans were thrilled when Breeze hit his finisher "The Cherry Popper" and scored his first victory in ACW.

Although Daffney Unger was unable to make it to the show, her scheduled opponents Rachel Summerlyn and Miss Diss_Lexia competed in one of the hardest hitting matches in recent memory. The two women beat each other mercilessly until Rachel hit a DDT for the pin.

No ACW show would be complete without at least one elimination match. On this night, 4 wrestlers competed in an elimination scramble match. Bart McClintock was first eliminated when he tapped out to a submission hold applied by Austin Riley. Next Riley pinned The High Flying Pepper Rodriguez. Riley was unable to finish the match with a victory when Problems scored the winning pinfall.

The next match was yet another Young Guns Tournament first round match. "Showcase" Shance Williams faced "The Lone Star Kid" Ricky Rhodes who was accompanied to the ring by "The Beast from Bourbon Street" Gator. Gator's presence ringside did not prove to be helpful however as Williams rolled up Rhodes for the pin after Gator inadvertently hit Rhodes with his cue.

The fifth match has a distinctly Lucha Libre feel to it as two men from El Paso faced off. The world's largest cruiserweight, Massive faced Nathan Sin who made his ACW debut. Although Nathan put up a valiant effort, Massive hit two consecutive inverted power bombs and the match was over.

The next match was originally set to be a tag team match as Supreme Clientelle (Shawn Vexx and "Hotsauce" Marco Riviera) squared off with Double Trouble (Tony Vega & Chris James.) When the Tag Team Champions Kissyboots (Skylar Skelly & Rachel Summerlyn) came ringside and offered to make this a 3-way Tag Team Title Match, one more team came out. The Sexy Fox-a-Dellics (Mike Dell & Rory Fox) had been promised the freedom to participate in any match they desired, excluding the Chris Hero match. Fox & Dell interjected themselves into the title match, making this into a 4-way elimination match. Despite his impending surgery, Skelly showed flashes of his in ring skill throughout the match. All four teams demonstrated solid work during the match, but it was Supreme Clientele first eliminated when Vega pinned Vexx. next, Double Trouble was eliminated when Chris James was pinned by Mike Dell. Quickly, Dell & Fox seized the advantage and scored double pins on Kissyboots, and as quick as that, new Tag Team Champions were crowned.

The next match saw "Solid Gold" Gregory Symonds face "Showtime" Scot Summers. This was a bloody and violent match which elicited a "This is Awesome" chant from the crowd. Although Symonds lost the match to a rear naked choke, he won the respect of the fans with the incredible effort.

In the feature match, Chris Hero came to the ring to a resounding applause, but the crowd absolutely erupted when his opponent appeared from the lockerroom. Masada came to the ring accompanied by Mr. Yebisu. The match started out as a technical display, granted a hard hitting, strong style display, but technical wrestling nonetheless. When the action spilled out of the ring, the pair took it to the next level. Nineteen minutes into the match both men had their shoulders pinned to the mat for a three count and the ref declared a "no contest." Fans chanted "five more minutes," and both Masada and Hero agreed to continue the match. The Venue could not contain the action that ensued as the two men battled up and down the stairs to the balcony and then out the front doors to the street. As the crowd spilled out to watch, Hero and Masada battled in the street. Hero actually climbed atop the equipment trailer, diving onto Masada below. Then the pair wrestled onto the flatbed trailer. Next the action returned into the Venue and back into the ring. When time ran out on the match, the crowd exalted the wrestlers and cheered the incredible match they had been given. Chris Hero addressed the crowd, thanking them for the support and reminding them that both he and Masada would be back in ACW on August 19th for the IWA-MS and IWA-Texas co-promoted "Remember the Butcher" Show.

The final match of the evening was a "Four Corners of Pain" match. Originally, ACW hardcore champion Skylar Skelly was scheduled to face Darin Childs, but Skelly was forced to withdraw form the match due to scheduled surgery for his oft dislocated shoulder. Skelly instead was reduced to the roll of spectator as Childs faced "The Xtreme Bulldawg" Rexx Reed. Childs and Reed fought in a match involving barb wire, thumbtacks, broken bottles and a log cabin of light tubes. Naturally this was a bloody, violent match which appeared over when Reed scored the pin following a Death Valley Driver into the broken bottles, but Reed wasn't finished. Reed seemed committed to doing permanent damage to Childs as he attempted to grind a broken bottle into Childs' eyes. Childs' former partner Jacob Ladder rushed to the ring to rescue Childs. Reed and Ladder brawled outside the ring for several minutes and nothing seemed to deter Reeds violence as Skylar Skelly, Rachel Summerlyn, Mike Knoxville and the fans pleaded with him to stop. When Childs recovered enough to rejoin the fray, he repaid Reed by hitting a Death Valley Driver of his own into the broken glass. Skelly directed Ladder to cover the fallen Reed and demanded that referee Mike Knoxville count the pin. Afterwards, Skelly presented the "retired" Jacob Ladder with the ACW Hardcore Title Belt.

IWA-Texas: Anarchy Championship Wrestling returns to the Venue in one week on August 5th with "Distrust, Dismay and Anti-Social Behavior." Check out www.anarchychampionshipwrestling.com for details on this and other ACW shows.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

RCW Results and Show Notes

River City Wrestling
Hope of Glory Church
Saturday, July 28 2007

Match # 1 - Dark Match
Shawn Vexx vs. el Medico Azul (win)
Match # 2 - Mike Dell (win) vs. Wally Darkmon
Match # 3 - Triple Threat Match
J.T. LaMotta vs. Danny Matthews with Scott McKenzie vs. Rudy Russo (win)
Match # 4 - RCW Tag Team Championship Match
Champions The Hardbodies - Andrew Dalton & Joey Spector with Naughty Nikki (win & retain title) vs. Challengers Marty Cone & Kris Kronie
Match # 5 - RCW Cyber Championship
Challenger Scott McKenzie with Danny Matthews (win & new champion) vs. Champion Sicodelico Jr.
Match # 6 - Tag Team Match
Don Juan & Rory Fox vs. Chris Marval & Eric Young (win)
Match # 7 - Main Event - RCW Heavyweight Championship Match
Challenger Ikaika vs. Champion Masada (win & retain title)

This show was originally announced for Tiffany's Billiards, but the early week weather forecast prompted RCW to move to an indoor location. The Hope of Glory welcomed RCW back. Nearly 2 years ago, the Hope of Glory Church hosted the rebirth of RCW in a show that lead directly to the current wrestling revival in San Antonio.

The opening match was announced as a dark match and marked the RCW debut of Shawn Vexx who had a good showing against the masked luchador El Medico Azul. The match ended when Medico hit a senton on Vexx and covered him for the pin. Immediately two men, Chuey Martinez and Rexx Reed ran into the ring attacking both Vexx and Medico. Chuey proclaimed that together he and Reed were the new Tag Team force in RCW and are collectively known as "The Xtreme Assassins."

Mike Dell was pushed to the limit in his match by the crazed Wally Darkmon, but was able to hit the spear and gain the pinfall after referree Alex Marrozos inadvertently hit Darkmon in the stomach with Wally's cane which Alex had been struggling to take from Dell. Marrozos reluctantly counted the pin.

The triple threat match saw J.T. LaMotta, Danny Matthews and Rudy Russo face off. Fans supported Russo throughout, but cheered the outstanding offensive and defensive moves of all three men. Russo gained the victory after hitting two consecutive Gory Bombs on LaMotta.

In the tag team championship match, the Champions, the Hardbodies introduced their new manager Naughty Nikki. Their opponents were the team of Kris Kronie and Marty Cone. Despite never tagging as a team before, Kronie and Cone showed good teamwork, but the champions were able to take advantage of their experience as a team, scoring the pin for the victory. After the match, the four men showed respect for one another, shaking hands and posing together for the crowd.

The Cyber Championship was on the line next as Champion Sicodelico Jr. faced the challenge of Scott McKenzie who came to the ring with his partner Danny Matthews. The whole match Scott tried to take of Sico's mask, in the end, Danny Matthews came in and tried to hit Sico w/ the belt, he ducked and tried to take the belt from Matthews. While he had both hands on the belt Matthews let go, ripped off his mask, causing Sico to cover his face and fall victim to a schoolboy rollup from Scott. (Thanks Danny for the correct details.) Three seconds latter RCW had a new Cyber Champion. Commissioner Ray The Voice declared that there would be a rematch at the next show, August 18th at Tiffany's Billiards.

The featured Tag Team match was next as former partners Don Juan and Chris Marval squared off, each choosing a partner. Don Juan chose Rory Fox, while Marval chose TNA superstar "Showtime" Eric Young. Both teams worked well together and the action moved quickly until "One Man" Mike Dell interjected himself into the match, leading to the disqualification of Fox and Don Juan. There was no time to celebrate for Marval and Young however as Dell and Young fought back into the locker room while Fox and Don Juan attacked Marval, handcuffing him to the ring rope and continuing the assault. Eventually Young returned and saved his partner but Marval was clearly shaken by the beating. The rivalry between Marval and Don Juan is far from over.

The Main Event saw the return of RCW Champion Masada as he defended his belt against "The Smashing Machine" Ikaika in a match of the year candidate. These two men pounded on one another for over 20 minutes in and out of the ring until Ikaika hit a German Suplex on Masada. Both men's shoulders were on the mat as the ref started the count, but Masada was able to get his shoulder up in time and scored the victory. As the crowd chanted "Rematch," commissioner Ray the Voice came out and proclaimed that indeed there would be a rematch at the next show on August 18th.

The August 18th show at Tiffany's Billiard marks the 2nd anniversary of the rebirth of RCW. With 2 title rematches already announced and other matches to be announced soon on www.rcw-wrestling.com this has the makings of a "can't miss" show.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Big Weekend Coming Up!

This coming weekend is one of the biggest in San Antonio in recent memory. Virtually everyone is involved in some way or another.

Friday July 27 - MAW at Vaquero's Sports Bar

Weather permitting, Mexican American Wrestling will be running at Vaquero's Sports Bar 622 Roosevelt. Scheduled bell time is 7:00 PM.

Saturday July 28 - Dusty Wolfe Seminar at TWE

Texas Wrestling Entertainment and the Texas Wrestling Academy is sponsoring a seminar with one of the most respected wrestlers in the business, Dusty Wolfe. RBG has released the following information.

One of the most respected names in the business, and has been around the world, and with every major wrestling company in the United States, Dusty Wolf will be conducting a Pro Wrestling Clinic, Saturday July 28th at the Texas Wrestling Academy 9107 Marbach Rd, San Antonio, Texas. Training starts at 10am and will ending sometime around 4 to 4:30.

Cost will be $25 per person.

Dusty has worked with both WWE, as well as WCW, not to mention has traveled through out the United States and many different countries, and continues to do so.

Any worker breaking into the business, or any worker already in the business, should not miss an opportunity to learn from some one who has been there, and done that.

For more information, contact the TWA at 210.797.1686

Saturday July 28 - RCW Announces new venue for show.

River City Wrestling has released several announcements concerning their show this Saturday. The following contains the most up to date information from these announcements.

VENUE CHANGE - Saturday's event will now be held at Hope of Glory Church
Come see TNA's Eric Young and Masada vs. Ikaika!

River City Wrestling, along with RED jAK Energy Drink and Gallista Gallery, present live professional wrestling on Saturday, July 28 at Hope of Glory Church, located at 339 W. Hutchins in San Antonio, TX. Hope of Glory Church is located just south of the SW Military Drive and Pleasanton intersection, less than a mile away from the Hutchins/Pleasanton intersection.
In addition, the event will be pushed back by 30 minutes. RCW will open its doors at 7:15 p.m., and the show will begin promptly at 8:00 p.m.
The event was originally planned as an outdoor event at Tiffany's Billiards, but inclement rain, flooding, and high chances of rain for Saturday caused the change. All previous ticket orders and reservations will be honored.
Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door. Front row seats are available for $15, in advance or at the door, and only while seats last.
Advance tickets may be purchased online at rcw-wrestling.com, or by calling (210) 842-8398. The discount tickets must be ordered by Thursday, July 26 at 10 p.m.
Here are what fans can expect on July 28:
The Treats pick their dream partners

At the last RCW event on June 30, Commissioner Ray The Voice announced the stipulations for the July 28 supercard: each of the now-defunct Texas Treats — Don Juan and Chris Marval — had to pick a dream partner of their choice. Don Juan chose the extremely arrogant — and insane — "Real Deal" Rory Fox. Chris Marval, however, placed a few phone calls, and chose "Showtime" Eric Young, a competitor that can be seen nationally on television every Thursday night at 8:00 p.m. on SPIKE! for TNA iMPACT. Ironically, Young defeated Fox back in April of this year when Young made his Texas debut. Apparently, these two still have a score to settle, while the war continues between the once-friends-now-bitter-enemies Don Juan and Chris Marval.
Here we go ... one more time!
RCW Champion Masada
returns to the states after his most recent tour of Japan, and will face number one contender "The Smashing Machine" Ikaika. Back in February of this year, Masada brought Ikaika's title reign to an end in grueling, insane match. Ikaika would earn the distinction as number one contender by winning a cage match over "One Man" Mike Dell. Now these two men will duke it out one more time in a match that promises to bring the house down.
Plus... The Hardbodies (Joey Spector & Andy Dalton) defend the RCW Tag Team Championship against Marty Cone and Kris Kronie!

Here's a list of other wrestlers confirmed for July 28
- RCW Cyber Champion Sicodelico Jr.
- "Mr. Beautiful" Rudy Russo
-Scott McKenzie & Danny Matthews
- "The Mind of Wrestling" J.T. Lamotta
- Wally Darkmon
- plus many more!

For more information about RCW, please contact Brandon Oliver at (210) 842-8398 at rcwprez@rivercitywrestling.net.
Also ... RCW has promised Tiffany's a show, and we will deliver. We will most likely move our August 18 date to Tiffany's rather than the Indoor Soccer Club. Once again, stay tuned for information as it develops.


Check out this video: July 28th news bulletin part 1

Check out this video: July 28th news bulletin part 1

Check out this video: Don Juan interrupts 7/28 news PART2

Check out this video: Don Juan interrupts 7/28 news PART2

Saturday July 28 - PWI at Premier Cheer

Pro Wrestling International Entertainment returns to Premier Cheer at 2439 Castroville Road Saturday July 28. Bell time is 7 PM.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at <span class=

(challenger) (champion)











Sunday July 29 - ACW presents Chris Hero Seminar

Anarchy Championship Wrestling is proud to announce a special training seminar with one of Independent wrestling’s biggest stars, CHRIS HERO!

Sunday July 29th 2007 at the venue in San Antonio, Texas all professionally trained wrestlers are invited to come and tap into the wealth of knowledge that former Ring of Honor Tag Team champion Chris Hero has to offer. The price of this seminar is only $30 and will start at 2:00 and will be followed by Anarchy Championship Wrestling Presents: Pick your Poison featuring Chris Hero in Action.

Chris Hero Training Seminar
Price: $30
Time 2:00 – 4:00
800 Lexington Ave
San Antonio, TX

For further info please contact ACW at anarchychampionshipwrestling@gmail.com or by calling (512) 531-9776.

Sunday July 29 - IWA Texas-ACW presents "Pick Your Poison"


JULY 29th 2007
“The Venue”
800 Lexington
San Antonio, TX
Belltime: 5pm - Doors open at 4:30pm

Reserved Front Row: $15
To purchase reserved front row seats please go the www.myspace.com/ACW_AUSTIN under the “interests” section.
Floor Seating: $10
Balcony Seating: $8


Also Signed:


The Opening Round Matches in the Young Guns Title Tournament

Julio Garza
Berry Breeze

Ricky Rhodes
Shance Williams


Double Trouble
Shawn Vexx & Marco Rivera





(512) 531-9776

Also this from ACW -

I am saddened to announce that something we have known was bound to happen has finally happened. The main event of the July 29th event entitled Pick your Poison was to be Darin Childs vs. Skylar Skelly in a 4-corners of pain match…that match will not happen as advertised. The ACW Hardcore Champion Skylar Skelly is scheduled to undergo surgery to rebuild his severely injured right shoulder on July 30th, Therefore will not be able to compete at Pick your Poison. The initial timetable for Skylar Skelly’s return is sometime in early 2008, he will be out of action at least 6 months. All that is known at this time is that Skylar Skelly will have something to say on July 29th and Darin Childs’ role at Pick Your Poison is now unknown.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Hector Navarro Benefit Show Results

Texas Wrestling Entertainment
"Hector Navarro Benefit"
College Station Hilton Ballroom
Sunday July 22, 2007

Match # 1 - Windwalker (win) vs. Cervante
Match # 2 - "The Natural" Colin Troy (win) vs. Erico
Match # 3 - Rudy Russo vs. Cowboy James Claxton (win)
Match # 4 - Tag Team Match
Draven & Vile vs. Brett Thunder & Skitzo (win)
Match # 5 - TWE TV Title Match
Challenger Bigg Dogg vs. Champion Mr. Wrestling III (win & retain title)
Match # 6 - Main Event - TWE Texas Ladies Title Match to name first ever Champion
Becky Bayless (win & new champion) vs. Vicki

Notes: The proceeds from this event went to the family of Hector Navarro to help with the medical expenses accumulated over the past 11 months during Hector's life threatening battle with Staph Infection.

In the first match, Windwalker beat Cervante with a 2nd rope springboard moonsault from the corner. Cervante was last seen in TWE at the When Worlds Collide show in July of 2006.

"The Natural" Colin Troy and Erico faced each other in a rematch from the show last night. Troy picked up the victory with a fisherman Suplex.

Alex Draven and his partner Vile faced the team of Skitzo and Brett Thunder in the Tag Team match. This was the first time Skitzo and Thunder have teamed up since Hector and Skitzo won the TWE Tag Titles back in 2006. Thunder and Skitzo were successful against their opponents.

In the TWE TV Title Match, Bigg Dogg challenged Mr. Wrestling III for the championship, but the Masked Man was able to successfully defend his belt against the Bigg Dogg.

In the Main Event, Texas Wrestling Entertainment unveiled the newest title belt in Texas, the Ladies Heavyweight Title. East coast veteran wrestler Becky Bayless continued her return to wrestling following a 2 year lay-off due to an accident. Bayless looked good in the match, facing TWE's favorite Vicki. In the end, Bayless victimized Vicki, pinning her while using the ring ropes for added leverage. As a result, Becky Bayless was named the first ever TWE Texas Ladies Champion.

STPW Results & Show Notes

Southern Thunder Pro Wrestling
Texas Wrestling Academy
Saturday July 21, 2007

Match # 1 - STPW Heavyweight Title Tournament Semi-Final Match
Bigg Dogg (win) vs Gabe the Babe with Sin-Sational Sal
Match # 2 - Tag Team Match
Alex Draven and Sgt. Surge vs JB Bolt and Cobra(win)
Match # 3 - Erico vs Colin Troy(win)
Match # 4 - STPW Heavyweight Title Tournament Semi-Final Match
Mr. B vs Rudy Russo(win)
Match # 5 - Scott Draven(win) vs Dragon X
Match # 6 - Main Event - STPW Heavyweight Title Tournament Finals
Rudy Russo(win & new STPW Heavyweight Champion) vs Bigg Dogg

Notes: These results were sent to the San Antonio Independent Wrestling Scene by Big Biss from www.indywarztv.com For his detailed description, listen to his internet radio show on Wednesday night at 9PM Central. Find the link at www.indywarzradio.com Biss added that he was very impressed with the Erico vs. Colin Troy match. Since Rudy Russo was previously the STPW Cruiserweight Champion. That title has been declared vacant and at the next show STPW will host a invitational CW tournament.
Thanks Biss.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I need someone to report on Southern Thunder Show Saturday

Due to obligations, I will be in Houston this Saturday and unable to attend the Southern Thunder Pro Wrestling show. I need someone to send me the results so I can post them to the San Antonio Independent Wrestling Scene. Credit will be given of course. Please send me the results here or on my email bayou_926@hotmail.com

Southern Thunder Pro Wrestling
Bell Time 7:00 PM
@ The Texas Wrestling Academy
9107 Marbach

Thanks again,

Hector Navarro Poster

Monday, July 16, 2007

Jeffery Yaws Benefit Results

Jeffery Yaws Benefit Show
Dreamworld Music Complex
Arlington, TX
Sunday, July 15, 2007

Match # 1 - 6 Way Elimination Match
(order eliminated) Julio Garza vs. Dynamic Diamond Dave vs. SB1 vs. Cade Sydal vs. Shawn Vexx vs. Li Fang (win & advances to main event cup match)
Match # 2 - 3 Way Match
"The Natural" Shawn Mills (win & advances to main event cup match) vs. "Dirty" Dice Murdoch vs. Cashmire
Match # 3 - 4 way tag match
Ruben Rivera & Kristopher Haiden (win & advance to main event cup match) vs. Hunks 4 Hire- Jiggle-O James Johnson & Sexy Junk Scotty Master Blaster vs. New Age Cowboys - Outlaw Chuck West & Dave Dunnings vs. Team Action - Magnum RL & Chris Richter with Commander Code
Match # 4 - Seth Shai (win) vs. Victor Tadlock
Match # 5 - Massive (win & advances to main event cup match) vs. Hotsauce Marco Rivera
Match # 6 - Burger (win by DQ) vs. BJ Turner
Match # 7 - JT LaMotta (win & advance to main event cup match) vs. Chris Marval
Match # 8 - Mad Dog vs. "Showcase" Shance Williams (win)
Match # 9 - Battle Royal
(order eliminated) Big Hurd vs. Jason Proust vs. Sam Haul vs. Cashmire vs. Bash vs. MVP vs. Jeffe vs. Jacob Star vs. Rufus Lee Wilkins vs. Tejano Kid vs. Viper vs. Mad Dog vs. Pendragon vs. Hotsauce (win & advance to main event cup match)
Match # 10 - TTW Heavyweight Championship Match
Champion Texas Red with MPW vs. Challenger Steve DeMarco (win by DQ)
Match # 11 - IWA Texas-Anarchy Championship Wrestling Tag Team Title Match
Champions Kissyboots - Rachel Summerlyn & Skylar Skelly (win & retain titles) vs. Darin Childs & Julio Garza/Shawn Vexx/Shance Williams
Match # 12 - PWF Brass Knuckles Championship Match
Champion Chuey Martinez (win & retain title) vs. Rexx Reed
Match # 13 - Jeffery Yaws Invitational Cup
(order eliminated) Ruben Rivera vs. Kristopher Haiden vs. Li Fang vs. Shance Williams vs. Shawn Mills vs. JT LaMotta vs. Massive vs. Hotsauce (final 2 eliminated simultaneously. Cup awarded to Jeffery Yaws)

TWE in Del Rio 7-14 Results & Show Notes.

These results were posted by RBG on the www.indywarz.com message board.



General Announcements were made, including the naming of a new Commissioner, the Ragin' Bull Manny Fernandez. Virus, a newcomer to TWE made his way to the ring and began criticizing the naming of Fernandez to the position, stating there are plenty of names to put in that position, not an aging bull. At this point, the Ragin Bull came to the ring and gave Virus the lowdown. Stating the past and the older guys are the reason why the younger guys today can run their mouth, but hes going to make it a point that to be around, and make some changes to the promotion. Fernandez also stated that as his first call at his new position, he was going to name Virus' opponent for the night. Himself. A huge pop came from the crowd and Virus stormed out of the ring.

Opening Match
Bret Thunder vs Draven w/Vile
It was announced that TNA had given Rudy Boy Gonzalez and TWE special permission to hold an X-Division Title match for this night. With the understanding that should Samoa Joe lose, the winner would have to pick up Joe's bookings. It was also announced Mike Foxx, Samoa Joe's original opponent, was a 'No Call No Show'. A drawing was held, and the first two names that were drawn would have a match, with the winner of that match facing Joe in the Main Event.
Thunder vs Draven was a very good match, considering Draven has not been in the business long, but has been making improvements each week. Thunder was caught off guard with the partner outside of the ring, and was actually facing 2 man. Vile came in the ring to grab Thunder in a full nelson to allow Draven to get in a cheap shot, but Thunder moved and accidentally Vile was hit by his own partner. Thunder rolled up Draven for the win.

Rudy Russo vs Gabe the Babe
Great match with two individuals in love with themselves. Russo executed a beautiful German Suplex midway through the match.
Winner- Rudy Russo

Windwalker vs Madd Max
Windwalker and Max had a very solid match. Crowd was into the Indian. Crowd was also into Max, as part of his gear is a kilt, ala the Headbangers.
Winner- Windwalker

Special Attraction
Virus vs Manny Fernandez
Fernandez gave Virus a clinic in wrestling, then turned up the heat and gave Virus a clinic in Ass Beating 101. Virus had a few moments of fame as he found a hole in Fernandez' attack, his knee, as he had just had knee replacement surgery a few months ago. But it didn't last long.
Winner- Manny Fernandez

Cowboy James Claxton vs Big Dogg
Claxton spent 2 tours in Iraq. When this was announced, there was a deafening cheer, but there was also a small amount of boos. Interesting. During one of the breaks in the show, Mix 96 DJ Tommy Deluxe had given away a lot of merchandise, T-shirts, CD, Koozies, etc. Big Dogg had taken exception to this as he was given nothing. Dogg confronted Deluxe and told him to stay of of his ring, while he slapped a cowboy hat off the 171 lb DJ. TWE CEO Rudy Boy Gonzalez had to get between the two and told Dogg to worry about his match, or he was going to be fined first thing Monday morning.
During the match, Dogg tried to get the cheap win by using his feet on the ropes. Referee Rick Porter was then informed by Deluxe about Doggs dastardly deeds, which he then ordered for the match to continue. James Claxton used a big 15 1/2 boot in the face of Dogg to get the 1, 2, 3.
Winner- Claxton

TWE TV Title Match
Challenger Mr Wrestling III vs Champion Skitzo
Very slow paced match to accommodate III's style. Something the Champion was not used to. III caught Skitzo off guard for the win.
Winner- Mr Wrestling III (new champion)

TNA X-Division Title Match
Challenger Bret Thunder vs Champion Samoa Joe
Typical Low Ki vs Samoa Joe match. Brutal. Except no Low-Ki. Thunder was forced to step up to the plate as Joe was not going to lose the X title 1 day before the Victory Road Pay Per View. Thunder had other ideas. Both men returned to the locker room with hand prints across their chest. Very good match up for Thunder. Midway through the match Joe did a dive through the ropes on the much smaller Thunder, causing Thunder to hit his head on the concrete floor. A resounding thud could be heard through out the Civic Center, but Thunder would not quit. Joe caught Thunder on the top rope and used the 'Muscle-Buster' to the delight of the fans for the win.
Winner- Samoa Joe

Notes- Fernandez will be running a promotion in N Carolina, and will sending talent to Texas in the future. Also, talks have begun with several other promotions to run under a national type banner, USA Pro Wrestling, American Pro Wrestling, etc, etc,. Details as they come. The team of Draven and Vile are a new duo in the promotion, and are trying to establish themselves as a force to deal with. Draven has been making strides in that direction.
Prior to the event, Fernandez had a 2 1/2 hour clinic with all the talent, and students of the TWA. Mentioned Jack Drastic as one of the top kids in the state.
The dance troupe 'G-Force' did a special entertainment routine during intermission the girls ages 10 to 16 did a great job. Mike Foxx has been stripped of the Texas Title as a result of not showing up, or at the very least, calling in.
Samoa Joe departed LA at 1am, Saturday, landed in San Antonio around 10, then made the 2 hr drive to Del Rio, arriving around 1pm. After the show Joe stayed till every fan that was in line got their pictures t-shirts, etc, etc, etc, signed, which lasted till close to midnight, then was driven back to San Antonio to catch a 5 am flight. Very little sleep if any, and a class act. He spoke with Bret Thunder briefly after the match, basically saying he's got 'it' and to keep doing whatever he's doing. Also relayed the same message to RBG. Special thanks to TNA, and Samoa Joe.
Special thanks to radio station Mix .96, and G-Force dance team.
Attendance: 401

Saturday, July 14, 2007

PWI Entertainment Show Results

Pro Wrestling International
S.P.L.A.C.H. Sports Bar
Saturday July 14, 2007

Match # 1 - Don Juan with Sin-Sational Sal vs. Marty Cone
Match # 2 - US Championship Match
Julio Martinez (win & new champion) vs. Ozzy Manson
Match # 3 - Big Daddy Dick Dallas vs. Chuey Martinez (win)
Match # 4 - Madness with Sin-Sational Sal vs. Mojo (win)
Match # 5 - Chris Marval vs. Rory Fox (win)
Match # 6 - Main Event - PWI Heavyweight Title Match
Champion The Great Ryu with William Payne (win & retain title) vs. El Medico Azul

Notes: Tonight's matches featured several wrestlers new to PWI as Pro Wrestling International and River City Wrestling continued their working relationship. In the first match, Don Juan made his return to PWI with his advisor Sin-Sational Sal. Don Juan was facing the one man who makes Sal look butch in Milky Smooth Marty Cone. Sal attempted to help Don Juan by trying to hand him a steel chair at a critical point in the match, but Chris Marval arrived in time to prevent the interference.

The second match was contested to fill the vacant US Title, most recently held by Blue Angel. Newcomer Julio Martinez faced PWI veteran Ozzy Manson, and in the upset of the night, Julio won the gold in his very first singles match for PWI.

In the third match, Big Daddy Dick Dallas made his PWI debut against Julio's brother Chuey Martinez. Despite a decided size and strength disadvantage, Chuey was able to overcome Dallas and join his brother among the night's winners.

The next match saw Sin-Sational Sal return with his man Madness in a match against PWI's most popular wrestler Mojo. Sal did everything in his power to help Madness, but was unable to avoid ending the night with an 0-2 record for the evening.

Rory Fox made his PWI debut against Chris Marval, who not only had to deal with Fox, but with his former partner Don Juan who sneeked ringside and helped Fox to gain the pinfall victory.

The main event was a PWI Heavyweight Championship Match as The Great Ryu, accompanied by his manager William Payne faced off against a masked wrestler who hadn't been seen in San Antonio for almost two years. The last time el Medico Azul was in a SA wrestling ring was in August of 2005 at the RCW Phoenix show. The crowd seemed to support the rulebreaking champion Ryu over the luchadore in blue who had a tough time mounting an offense against the larger champion and his interfering manager. In the end, Ryu took the victory, retaining the title.

After the match, William Payne called out Mojo, claiming that Mojo would never receive another title shot. Mojo however declared that PWI management was already working on finalizing the match for the very next PWI show, in two weeks on July 28th at Premier Cheer 2439 Castroville road. Check out www.pwient.com for details on all Pro Wrestling International Entertainment events.

Friday, July 13, 2007

San Antonio Wrestlers in Benefit Show

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at <span class=

Yaws benefit This Sunday (New Location and time)
Body: Jeffery Yaws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Body: Jeffrey Yaws Benefit
Dreamworld Music Complex
3102 W. Division
Arlington, TX 76012
Sunday July 15th 2:00p.m.
Tickets are $10 at the door. $5.00 for kids 10 and under
All Proceeds at the door will go to Jeffrey Yaws and Family For his huge stack of medical Bills


(Card Subject To Change)

TTW Title Match
Texas Red (C) VS. Maxx Muscle

Intergender Tag Team Action
Kissy Boots vs. Miss_Diss Lexia & "Showcase" Shance Williams

PWF Brass Knuckles Title Match
(A Special Stipulation will be added to this match the day of the show)
"Chicano Assassin" Chuey Martinez (C) vs.Violent V vs. The "Hebrew Hitman" Dave The Rave

(Every Match is 1 fall. The winners of each of these matches will go on to the final match, a Gauntlet/Royal Rumble style match. 2 Man will start.
Every Minute a new entry will enter the match. Pinfalls, Submissions, TKO's, over the top are all ways to be eliminated. The final man will be crowned
The first Every Jeffrey Yaws Invitational Cup Winner

Diamond Dave vs. Cade Sydal vs. Austin Riley

Chad Thomas vs. Danny Mathews vs. Shawn Vexx

6 Way Scramble
Li Fang, The "Natural" Mark Wilson, Mitch Carter, Mercenary, The "Mind Of Wrestling" J.T.Lamotta, The "Chicano Sensation" Julio Garza

4 Way Tag (Winning Team Advances to the finals of the cup. First Fall wins)
The Main Attractions vs. Hunks 4 Hire vs. The New Age Cowboys vs. Team Action (Magnum RL & Richter )

Massive vs. Luke Bronson

6 Man Tag
Pendragon, Maddogg, & Victor Tadlock vs. Dice Murdock, Scott Murdock, and Ruben (of the old school enforcers)

So Far entered into the Battle Royal are...

Kid Hazzard
Tejano Kid
SB 1
Kristhopher Haidian
Kris Katera
Dameon Blood
Nathan Briggs
Josh Montgomery
Big Hurd

and lots more.......

"Xtreme Bulldawg" Rexx Reed vs. "Hotsauce" Marco Rivieria

The "Show Stealer" Darin Childs vs. Andrew F'n Dalton

"Ruthless" Ryan Davidson vs. Chris Marvel


From I-20:

* From I-20 Exit Bowen and go North

*Go North on Bowen for a few miles and then take a Left on Division

* Go about a half mile, it is on the Left

From I-30:

* From I-30 Exit Fielder and go South for several miles

* Take a Right on Division

*Go through a few lights, pass Bowen

*It is on the Left

From 820:

*From 820 Exit Lancaster and go East

*Go several miles, Lancaster turns into Division

* Dreamworld is on the Right as you come up the hill.

From 360:

*From 360 Exit Division and go West

*Go several miles, pass Collins, Cooper, Fielder, & Bowen

*Dreamworld is on the Left

PWI Entertainment at SPLACH Tomorrow Night

"PWI Saturday July 14 at SPLACH BAR AND GRILL


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at <span class=

RCW will be appearing the PWI show in San Antonio this Saturday, July 14. Come on out and support local wrestling!

Appearing at the event from RCW will be Chris Marval, Don Juan, Marty Cone, Rory Fox, and promoter Brandon Oliver.

WHEN: SAT JULY 14, 2007













Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Third Match Added to big IWA-MS & IWA Texas Show

The IWA MS webpage www.iwamidsouthwrestling.com has revealled a third match for the big show co-promoted by IWA Mid-South and IWA Texas - Anarchy Championship Wrestling on August 19th.

Sunday Night August 19th, 2007
The Venue
800 Lexington Avenue
San Antonio, Texas

Bell time: 5 pm; Doors Open at 4:30 pm
*** Note
Change in Bell Time! All Sunday ACW shows now start at 5 PM to allow more time for Ass-Kicking Anarchy Action!

Ticket prices: $20 ringside & $15 general admission

Stemming from the wild events at the last show, we have arranged for one helluva main event for our return.

[image] & [image]

Masada & The Necro Butcher


[image] & [image]

Hotstuff Hernandez & Low Ki

This match promises to be one of the hardest hitting encounters in IWA history. Low Ki and Necro Butcher have two unbelievable matches against each other in IWA lore. Ki was able to get the victory in both matches but he almost had to kill Necro both times to get the win. Last time in San Antonio, Ki wrestled Hotstuff in a fantastic match and pulled out the victory. The next match on the show was Necro vs. Masada. Hotstuff came out and we assumed that it was to weaken Necro Butcher leading up to the huge tag match in Philadelphia on June 30th with Necro/Toby vs. Homicide & Low Ki. Low Ki then came out and we thought that it was to save Necro out of respect after their hard fought battles. However, Low Ki joined in the attack and helped Hotstuff put a beating on the worn down Butcher. Masada had to make the save to keep permanent damage from being done to Necro.

Is Low Ki that worried about Necro that he wanted him out of action before that tag match? Is Necro the one man that maybe Low Ki is scared of? This match will answer those questions if both men survive that tag match in Philadelphia.

Just added:

IWA Mid-South World Heavyweight Title Match

Champion - Chuck Taylor vs. Chris Hero

IWA Mid-South Women's Title

Champion - Mickie Knuckles vs. former WWE diva JAZZ

Stay tuned to the message board for more details on this event.

Tickets can be purchased via paypal to rottenwife@aol.com.

You can also mail a check or money order made payable to MICKIE KNUCKLES:

IWA Mid-South
PO BOX 21476
Louisville, KY 40221

NWA Pro at McAllen Texas

Several wrestlers well known to San Antonio fans participated in the NWA Pro Lucha Libre show in McAllen Texas on Sunday. The Scene would like to thank Eric for sending these results from the show.

McAllen Convention Center
Sunday July 8, 2007

Match # 1 - Muneco Infernal y Cobra II def. The Texas Treats (Don Juan & Joey Spector)
Match # 2 - Cassandro y Tzuki def. Magno y Furball
Match # 3 - Rob Conway & “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce (w/Vander Pyle) def. Los Luchas (Zokre y Phoenix Star)
Match # 4 - Blue Demon y Ikuto Hidaka def. Rayo de Jalisco y TJ Perkins
Match # 5 - Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson & Joey Ryan won the NWA World Tag Team Championship in a gauntlet match first defeating Sicodelico Jr. y Incognito and then defeating Billy Kidman & Sean “Syxx-Pac” Waltman
Match # 6 - El Hijo del Santo y Super Parka def. Psicosis y Pentagon Black

Monday, July 09, 2007

ACW "From Innocence to Insanity" Results 7-8-7

Anarchy Championship Wrestling
"From Innocence to Insanity"
The Venue
Sunday July 8, 2007

Match # 1 - Six Way Elimination Match
(order eliminated) Ricky Rhodes vs. Julio Garza vs. Shawn Vexx vs. "Showcase" Shance Williams vs. Tony Morales vs. Gregory Symonds (win)
Match # 2 - "Old School Showdown"
Dusty Wolfe vs. Rory Fox (win)
Match # 3 - Tag Team Match
Double Trouble - Tony Vega & Chris James (win) vs. 2 Young Punks - Berry Breeze & Problems
Match # 4 - ACW Hardcore Title Match - Four Way Elimination Match
(order eliminated) Challengers Chuey Martinez with Sexy Stevi Koi vs. Rachel Summerlynn with Starr & Chesty vs. Rexx Reed vs. Champion Skylar Skelly (win & retain title)
Match # 5 - Three Way Elimination Match
(order eliminated) Bio-Hazard Jaykus Plisken vs. Angel of S.I.N. vs. Massive
Match # 6 - Main Event - IWA Texas-ACW Heavyweight Title Match - Four Way Elimination
(order eliminated) Challengers Darin Childs vs. "Showtime" Summers vs. "One Man" Mike Dell vs. Champion Jerry Lynn (win & retain title)

Notes: Time constraints prevent a detailed report at this time. Anarchy Championship Wrestling issued the following statement concerning developments resulting from the show:

Spawning from the ACW event on July 8th we have a few announcements.

* Jaykus Plisken was injured at the hands of Massive and will be out of action for quite some time, possibly between 3-6 months. All that is known is that he has broken ribs and some internal damage was caused.

* Daffney vs. Rachel Summerlyn vs. Miss Diss_Lexia will take place on July 29th

* Announced for the August 5th event is JT LaMotta vs. Matt Sydal

* Also JUST announced for the August 5th event…the main event will be Darin Childs, Showtime Summers & Jerry Lynn vs. Mike Dell, Rory Fox & Greg Symonds

* On October 21st the world will see…for the first time…Jerry Lynn vs. Claudio Castagnoli

* All future dates at the venue will Start at 5pm and be a bit longer. More bang for your buck if you will.

* With his victory over Jaykus Plisken and Angel of Sinn, Massive has received a spot in the 2007 Lone Star Classic.

Check out www.anarchychampionwrestling.com for details on this and all upcoming IWA Texas-Anarchy Championship Wrestling shows.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

ACW "From Innocence to Insanity" show details announced

The current list of matches for tonight's IWA Texas - Anarchy Championship Wrestling show "From Innocence to Insanity" has been announced:

This is the new card...

6 Man Mayhem
Julio Garza vs. Shawn Vexx vs. Shance Williams Vs. Ricky Rhodes vs. Dameon Blood vs. A NEWCOMER TO ACW

Old School Match-up
Dusty Wolfe vs. Rory Fox

Tag Team Action
Double Trouble vs. Berry Breeze & Problems

Tacks, Ladders, and Chains
Rexx Reed vs. Rachel Summerlyn vs. Skylar Skelly vs. Chuey Martinez

Mystery Opponent?
Tony Morales vs. A rather "large" Surprise

Battle of the big men
Massive vs. Biohazard vs. Angel of Sinn

Jerry Lynn vs. Darin Childs vs. Mike Dell vs. "Showtime" Summers

The show starts at 7:00 PM at the Venue 800 Lexington. See you there.

NWA Pro at Houston's Plaza San Miguel

I attended the NWA Pro/Lucha Libre Extravaganza in Houston with www.indywarztv.com reporter Big Biss last night. Had such a wonderful time my car decided to stay for the rest of the weekend. Somewhere between 1700 and 2000 fans were in attendance by my estimate. Figured I would share the quick results.

Plaza San Miguel
Houston, TX
Saturday July 7, 2007

Match # 1 - Cassandro & Incognito (win) vs. Muneco Infernal & Mango
Match # 2 - NWA Texas Title Match
Challenger Seth Korbin vs. Champion Chaz Taylor (win & retain title)
Match # 3 - Rob Conway (win) vs. Don Juan
Match # 4 - Minis Match
Tsuki (win) vs. Furball
Match # 5 - Ikuto Hidaka vs. T.J. Perkins (win)
Match # 6 - Tag Team Cage Match
Karl "Machine Gun" Anderson & Joey "Magnum" Ryan with C. Edward Vander Pyle vs. Los Luchas - Phoenix Star & Zokre (win)
Match # 7 - NWA Heritage Championship
Challenger Sicodelico Jr. vs. Champion Adam "Scrap Iron" Pearce witn C. Edward Vander Pyle (win & retain title)
Match # 8 - Lucha Estrella - Six Man Tag Match 2 falls out of 3
Los Rudos - Pentagon Black, Psicosis y Blue Demon contra Los Technicos - La Parka, Rayo de Jalisco y Hijo del Santo (win 2 falls to 1)

Notes: Special notice to Joey Spector who celebrated his birthday by serving as a referee for two of the matches (no, not the minis match.) Also a very big thank you to Angel of S.I.N. and Toye who rescued 2 stranded wrestling fans and brought them back home to San Antonio.

NWA Pro continues its Texas Swing tonight in McAllen. New NWA Tag Team Champions will be decided. Check out www.nwawrestling.com for details.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Southern Thunder Announces Next Show

Southern Thunder Pro Wrestling has issued an announcement concerning their next show:

Next show for Southern Thunder is Saturday July 21, 2007 @ 7:00 pm at 9107 Marbach Rd. Yes, that is the address for the Texas Wrestling Academy!!! No Politics, No BS, Just as the Marquee says Pro Wrestling!!!

Check out www.myspace.com/stpwlair for details on Southern Thunder and www.texaswrestlingacademy.com for details on the Texas Wrestling Academy.