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  • Show Dates and Details are subject to change without notice. Always check with the promotion to confirm.
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  • Saturday April 30 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Saturday May 7 - River City Wrestling - 8:00 PM - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 1630 Goliad Rd.
  • Friday May 13 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Friday May 27 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday May 28 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Saturday June 4 - River City Wrestling - 8:00 PM - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 1630 Goliad Rd.
  • Friday June 10 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Friday June 24 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday June 25 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Saturday July 2 - River City Wrestling - 8:00 PM - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 1630 Goliad Rd.
  • Friday July 8 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Friday July 22 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday July 30 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Saturday August 6 - River City Wrestling - 8:00 PM - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 1630 Goliad Rd.
  • Friday August 12 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Friday August 26 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday August 27 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Saturday September 3 - River City Wrestling - 8:00 PM - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 1630 Goliad Rd.
  • Friday September 9 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Friday September 23 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday September 24 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Saturday October 1 - River City Wrestling - 8:00 PM - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 1630 Goliad Rd.
  • Friday October 14 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Friday October 28 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday October 29 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Saturday November 5 - River City Wrestling - 8:00 PM - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 1630 Goliad Rd.
  • Friday November 11 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday November 19 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Friday November 25 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday December 3 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Friday December 9 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday December 10 - River City Wrestling - 8:00 PM - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 1630 Goliad Rd.
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  • Please send results from any San Antonio area wrestling shows to bayou_926@hotmail.com (include "Wrestling" in subject line)

Thursday, August 31, 2006

August End of Month Report

August was a month of Highs and Lows. The most significant stories of the month were rather sobering. Hector Navarro contiues to recover from a life-threatening staph infection. Ikaika announced his last match in RCW as for health and personal reasons he will no longer wrestle once he finishes up his contractual obligations. This is a tough, physical business. Fans view it as an escape from the less enjoyable elements of life. Every now and then we are reminded what all the wrestlers risk for us as fans. The San Antonio Independent Wrestling Scene wishes Ikaika the best in his future endeavors and hopes that he is able to find his way back to a San Antonio ring someday. As for Hector Navarro, words cannot adequately express our concern for you and your family and friends at this time. We know that you are a fighter and will overcome this. Take strength in the knowledge that you are in the thoughts and prayers of countless friends, fans and members of the wrestling community.

Going into September, neither TWE or RCW have announced dates for the next local shows. Fans in San Antonio cannot imagine the difficulties in arranging a venue suitable for presenting the highest quality wrestling.

The TWE invasion of ACW is the most significant continuing wrestling story as last month the Tag Titles for both promotions were unified, as were the TWE TV Title and ACW Texas Title. Also in the mix is the RCW Tag Team Champions The Texas Treats who faced The TWE Tag Champs The Children of Pain in a no rules match in Giddings, Texas. The CoP came out on top in this match, but these two teams could well match up again soon.

Several RCW wrestlers are scheduled at the huge NLPW show in Arlington on the 10th, with RCW Champion and TNA Tag Champion Hotstuff Hernandez facing Samoa Joe in the main event. Also scheduled are the Texas Treats, Hugh Rogue, Fast Eddie, Wally Darkmon, J.T. LaMotta and Ikaika. This is the type of show which the entire industry watches. In the first NLPW show, Milano Collection AT faced Sonjay Dutt in a match which many people say stole the show. Good luck to all the competitors on this show.

August Rankings and Wrestler of the Month

The rankings this month are sure to be controversial. The top of the list is filled with wrestlers who never fight for the "Big 3" local promotions. This is due to the increase in the number of Lucha Libre shows in San Antonio combined with the use of several wrestlers in numerous promotions throughout the area, including PWI, MAW and TWA. In fact, the top point earner is a wrestler who hadn't even appeared in a match in San Antonio before this month. Bobby Garrett holds the MAW Tag Titles with JJ Wakefield and also won the PWI Tag Titles with Manny Villalobos this month. Appearing on 3 shows in main events and title matches Bobby Garrett is the San Antonio Independent Wrestling Scene Wrestler of the Month.

Points are awarded for (1) appearing on a card, (2) appearing in a match, (3) winning the match, (4) if the match is a title match, (5) if the match is a main event, (6) starting the show with a title belt, and (7) ending the show with a title belt.

Bobby Garrett 16
JJ Wakefield 15
Mr. Muerte 15
Lemus II 13
Chief Battu 13
Berry 12
Manny Villalobos 12
Ave Fenix 11
Dragon X 11
Ozzy Manson 11
Jacob Ladder 9
Ricky Rhodes 9
One Man Mike Dell 8
Brett Thunder 8
El Zombie 8
Darin Childs 7
Virus 7
Texas Renegade 7
Brindis 7
Hotstuff Hernandez 6
Andrew Dalton 6
Mojo 6
Blue Angel 6
Wind Walker 6
Cowboy James Claxton 6
El Diablo 6
Gato Diabolico 6
Gato Jr. 6
Don Juan 5
Chris Marval 5
Mad Dog Ken Johnson 5
Johnny Rage 5
Blakk Sabbath 5
Aquaman 5
Cobra 5
Semental 5
Spector 4
Rudy Russo 4
Wally Darkmon 4
Prince 4
Horoscopo 4
Sidd Murder 4
Necro Butcher 4
Skitzo 3
Bigg Dogg 3
Rudy Boy Gonzales 3
Ikaika 3
Fast Eddie Vegas 3
Johnny Ender 3
Kris Kronie 3
The Great Kazushi Miyamoto 3
Alcatraz 3
Simply Luscious 3
Showtime Summers 3
Mini Diablo 3
J.T. LaMotta 3
Chuy Martinez 3
Tommy Gunn 3
Blaine Steele 3
Skunk 3
El Latino 2
"Titan" Quinten Allen 2
Ryu 2
Tito Sanchez 2
El Ilegal 2
Atrevido 2
Mombasa 2
Comando Jr. 2
Desertoro 2
Sumie Sukai 2
Raiden 1
Homeless Hugh Rogue 1

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

ACW Next Show September 17th

American Championship Wrestling has indicated that their next show is scheduled for September 17th at 4PM at the Venue 800 Lexington in San Antonio. The feud with TWE is in full swing. The last show was an historical event. The next one should be incredible as well.

This date represents a change from the date previously reported on the San Antonio Independent Wrestling Scene. While no reason was given for the change of date, it is fortunate for San Antonio fans who are interested in attending the No Limits Pro Wrestling show scheduled for September 10th. At least 7 wrestlers who have worked recently in San Antonio are scheduled for this event including Hotstuff Hernandez (who faces Samoa Joe in the main event,) Ikaika, Fast Eddie, The Texas Treats, Wally Darkmon, JT LaMotta and Hugh Rogue. For full information on this card check out www.myspace.com/nolimitprowrestling

Sunday, August 27, 2006

TWE Invades ACW

The much anticipated invasion of American Championship Wrestling by the entire roster of Texas Wrestling Entertainment took place Sunday, and while TWE dominated the early matches, it was ACW who made the final stance. While some wrestling cards are filled with great matches and other cards are marked by significant or historical moments, this evening's show had both. Fans of wrestling should make note of this card as beginning of a new era in San Antonio Independent Wrestling.

The show began as Ring Announcer Chris Jordan introduced the two men whose match last month was interrupted by the initial TWE invasion. The referee for this match was the returning Jay Magnum. Dragon X and Cobra were allowed to complete the match this time as the two competitors battled evenly. The match reached it's peak when Cobra hit his finisher "The Snakebite" and scored the pin.

Before the next match, Jordan introduced the leader of ACW, Prince Fontenot who explained why he helped Jacob Ladder defeat Rudy Boy Gonzalez last month by spearing RBG during the ACW title match. When Rudy came out from the back, Gonzalez explained while he had respect for Prince as a bodybuilder and as a business, as a wrestler RBG felt he was going to teach Prince a thing or two. A series of matches were set up and in the words of RBG "Let the games begin!"

Prior to the second match, Rachel, the self-appointed commissioner of ACW, came out to join Chris Jordan and Raiden on the announce team. The match was a special stipulation match set up last month where Renegade was facing Showtime Summers. If Renegade won, the racist Summers would have to wear a Sombrero and if Showtime won, Renegade was to have his head shaved. Alex Marrozos was the ref for this match. These two big men clearly don't like one another and Summers spent much of the match alienating the audience and the announce team. It looked like Renegade was going to win the match as Summers seemed far to distracted to concentrate on Renegade. However in the end Summers was able to grab the pin while using the ropes for leverage. While Renegade protested the loss to Marrozos Summers sneak attacked him and with the help of Commissioner Rachel, went to work on shaving Renegade's head. After removing most of Renegade's hair, Summers made his way to the lockerroom pausing to grope several members of the crowd on the way, even planting a full kiss on one male crowd member.

The third match was the first of the interpromotional matches of the evening. While TWE was represented by Simply Luscious. ACW was represented by Sumie Sakai who is well known along the east coast and in Japan. This match was originally supposed to have taken place back at "When Worlds Collide." These two women both have incredible reputations and were slow in starting as they each gauged the other's talent but as the action heated up the crowd was amazed by the skills and maneuvers. TWE scored the first points of the night as Simply Luscious pinned Sakai.

Match # 4 was a special six-man interpromotional match. ACW was represented by J.J. Wakefield, Cobra and Tito Sanchez. The TWE team was Bigg Dogg, Skitzo, and El Latino. The crowd was evenly split between the two teams. The action started as Latino faced his former trainer Sanchez, but the personal issues between these two were only a background factor of this match. All six men contributed to the action which spilled out of the ring on several occasions. While Sanchez and Cobra were occupied outside the ring by Bigg Dogg and Latino, Skitzo was able to grab a pin on J.J. Wakefield. Neither Sanchez nor Cobra were able to make the save so TWE went up 2 to 0.

The fifth match might well have been the match of the night as TWE TV title holder Brett Thunder faced ACW Texas Champ One Man Mike Dell. Both titles were on the line in this match and both men were determined to represent their promotions well. This match had a twenty minute time limit and never has 20 minutes passed so quickly. Both men fought hard but neither could gain the advantage enough to score the 3 count. Just as it appeared that Dell was going to win, the time limit expired and the match was declared a draw by referee Alex Marrozos. Fans began chanting "5 more minutes" and ACW Commissioner Rachel allowed the continuation. The action continued as Thunder regained his composure quicker than Dell jumping out to to an early advantage. When Thunder went for a high cross body block off the top rope Dell was able to step out of the way, leaving ref Alex Marrozos to take the full force of the move. While Marrozos lay unconscious on the mat, Dell regained the advantage and may even have gotten the victory had there been a ref to make the count. When Dell went to check on Marrozos, Thunder was able to roll Dell up. This time however, a second ref ran to the ring. TWE referee Rick Porter slid into the ring counting the 1-2-3 and giving Thunder the victory, unifying the two titles. Thunder, who had won the TV title with an assist from the Children of Pain last month at a Splashtown show actually owes the CoP indirectly for this second belt as well. If Rachel had not restarted the match, Brett would not have won the title. Although Rachel has loyalty to ACW, one has to wonder if her past difficulties with Dell and the opportunity to gain another debt from Thunder might not somehow be part of this story. Whatever the case, TWE now stands 3-0 in the interpromotional battle.

The next match was for the ACW Tag Team Titles held by the team of "Ultimate Chemistry" Johnny Rage and Rudy Russo. The challengers from TWE were the team of Cowboy James Claxton and Windwalker. Although its not known if this team has worked together before, the Cowboy and Indian team showed an incredible amount teamwork, matching the champs move for move. The even hit a tandem move that resulted in the pin as TWE took the titles and moved to 4 and 0. But before the pair could celebrate the victory, Commissioner Rachel made her presence known. Since, as she put it, the Children of Pain run the show here, the new champs first title defense was next.

Out came the challengers, Darin Childs and Jacob Ladder. Ladder and Childs hold the TWE tag titles, but those titles were not line tonight. Windwalker and Claxton put up a valiant effort, but after the tough battle just moments earlier, were unable to overcome the offense of the veteran team of rulebreakers. The Children of Pain were surprised by the new champions' toughness but eventually regrouped and grabbed the pin. For the second time tonight, the ACW Tag Titles changed hands. For the second time tonight Titles were unified. But for the first time tonight ACW wrestlers came out victorious head to head. The score now stood 4 to 1 in favor of the invading TWE.

Prior to the main event, Prince and RBG came out. Rudy asked for the microphone. So confident that he was going to be able to beat the body builder, Rudy stated he was willing to wipe the slate clean and put everything on the line in this one match. By everything he meant more than just the pride of one promotion over another. Rudy explained that he had grown to like the Venue and was going to be wrestling for control of the Venue. If Prince lost to Gonzalez, then TWE would be taking over. The sound person was going to be fired, the announce team was going to be fired, the ticket seller would be fired and Rudy was even considering changing the bartenders. Prince accepted this stipulation and the fight began. Rudy proved to be a master tactician in the match, frustrating Prince by avoiding the offense of the powerful wrestler. When the two locked up, Rudy worked Prince to the mat and repeated "Time to go to school!" He then began grinding on Prince. Prince eventually regained his feet and was able to hit some hard shots on the twenty-plus year veteran. The advantage shifted back and forth but Rudy's experience appeared to be the deciding factor. Hitting an impressive fall away slam from the second rope, Rudy seemed ready to celebrate his latest victory. From out of nowhere however, Prince hit Gonzalez with a spear and went for the cover. Jay Magnum went to count the pin, but the wrestlers from TWE emerged from the lockeroom and pulled the ref from the ring. They then filled the ring and began pounding on Prince. The ACW wrestlers came out quickly to defend Prince in unity. As the TWE crew left the ring hurriedly, the ACW wrestlers seized control. The Venue was safe for now, but as fans chanted for both TWE and ACW the tension of the standoff filled the room. Rudy swore that the war was far from over. The next stage will be coming soon.

American Championship Wrestling vs. Texas Wrestling Entertainment
The Venue
Sunday August 27, 2006

Match # 1 - Dragon X vs. Cobra (win)
Match # 2 - Sombrero vs. Hair Match
Renegade vs. Showtime Summers (win-Renegade's head shaved)
Match # 3 - ACW vs. TWE Women's Match
ACW Sumie Sakai vs. TWE Simply Luscious (win)
Match # 4 - ACW vs. TWE Six-Man Tag Match
ACW Team - J.J. Wakefield, Cobra & Tito Sanchez vs. TWE Team - Bigg Dogg, Skitzo & El Latino (win)
Match # 5 - Title vs. Title match
ACW Texas Champion One Man Mike Dell vs. TWE TV Champion Brett Thunder (win and new Texas Champion)
Match # 6 - ACW Tag Title Match
Champions "Ultimate Chemistry" - Rudy Russo & Johnny Rage vs. Challengers TWE's Cowboy James Claxton & Windwalker (win & new champions)
Match # 7 - ACW Tag Title Match
Champions James Claxton & Windwalker vs. Challengers "The Children of Pain" - Jacob Ladder & Darin Childs (win & new champions)
Match # 8 - ACW vs. TWE for control of the Venue
ACW Prince Fontenot (win by DQ) vs. TWE Rudy Boy Gonzalez

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Events Announced for This Weekend.

Two events which have not previously been mentioned by the San Antonio Independent Wrestling Scene are scheduled for this weekend.

Today at 7:30 an Organization called Southwest Wrestling Entertainment is holding a show at Redeemer Lutheran Church 2507 Fredericksburg Road. The main event is a 10 man over the top battle royal. Scheduled to appear are 2-time world champ Manny Villalobos, JJ Wakefield, Cowboy Bobby Garrett, Virus, Johnny Rage, Renegade, Brindis, Bulldog, Dragon X & others.

Tomorrow, Lucha Libre Mexicano returns to Colt 45 on Hwy 16 at Applewhite. The show starts at 7:30.

The Scene apologizes for the late manner of these announcements. We can only publish dates for events that have been made public to us. If fans or promoters have information concerning shows not mentioned here please contact the scene by email bayou_926@hotmail.com please include the word "Wrestling" in the subject line. Also, please note: The San Antonio Independent Wrestling Scene does not promote "Backyard" wrestling events.

The Scene is also interested in finding a report for the two shows mentioned above. If you are in attendance for either show, please send the results including the names of all wrestlers in each match and any details available. The Scene will publish any acceptable submission with credit given to the reporter. Please understand that we publish reports, not reviews or critiques of wrestling shows. Send your report to bayou_926@hotmail.com please include the word "Wrestling" in the subject line.

TWA Show Last Night

Texas Wrestling Association returned to the Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym Friday Night with a Lucha Libre show of four matches. Referee Juan Diego controlled the action in the ring with his usual Rudo favoring style.

The action got started with an American style match between Ricky Rhodes and Ozzy Manson. These two fighters know each other well so each was able to anticipate and counter the others move well. The fans were solidly behind Rhodes in this match and when Rhodes hit his finisher "The Rhodes to Nowhere" it looked like the match was over, but Diego's slow count allowed Ozzy to kick out. When Ozzy was able to roll up Rhodes in the corner and grab the ropes, Diego's count came much faster and Manson left with the victory.

The second match was a traditional lucha style tag match with 2 of 3 falls rules featuring the technico team of El Zombi and Agua Man facing the rudos El Gato Diabolico and El Diablo. Zombi, a 30 plus year veteran is best known for being a rudo most of his career, so in this match he found himself in an unfamiliar role. This may in part account for the advantage that the team of Gato and Diablo showed most of the match. The teamwork exhibited by the rudos allowed them to take the first fall with a double pin on Agua Man. In the second, the rudos pressed their advantage, even unmasking Zombi at one point. The Technicos recovered somewhat but not enough to avoid being defeated in the second fall when Gato pinned Zombi. The Technico's took the match in 2 straight falls.

Match # 3 was a trophy match between Chief Battu & Mr. Muerte to name the "Mejor Luchador" of TWA. Crowd support in this match was split between the technico Battu and the charismatic rudo Muerte. In the first fall, Muerte dominated Battu in a manner which was startling. When Muerte submitted Battu in the first fall it looked like there was no way that Battu would be able to comeback. The second fall started out the same way but as Muerte started to get cocky, Battu started coming back. When the action spilled out of the ring, Battu was able to gain the advantage, hitting Muerte with a skateboard at one point. When the two rolled back into the ring, Battu was able to get the pinfall, evening the match at one fall each. The final fall was highly contested between the two with each gaining the advantage until Battu was able to reverse Muerte and hit a powerslam from the top rope and gain the victory.

The main event was a tag match between for high energy wrestlers. The rudo team of Mini Diablo and Gato Jr. faced the technico team of Ave Fenix and Brindis. This match was non-stop action as each wrestler impressed with their skill and tenacity. The rivalry between Mini Diablo and Brindis was the focal point of this match as the pair were involved in each of the deciding pinfalls with Brindis scoring the first following a shooting star press off the top rope. In the second fall, the rudos came back as Mini Diablo hit Brindis with a frog splash off the top rope. All four men showed great offense in this match. The final fall was scored when Brindis hit Mini Diablo with a flip pile driver. Mini Diablo was so upset by this that he challenged Brindis one on one mask vs. mask. The two stepped into the ring and Brindis quickly repeated the flip pile driver. Ave Fenix counted the 1-2-3 but referee Juan Diego refused to count and Mini Diablo escaped to the back with his mask still in place. The two will face each other at the next show in two weeks.

Also announced for the September 8th show is a matchup featuring the exotico luchadors La Viagra and Florindo.

Texas Wrestling Association
Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym
Friday August 25, 2006

Match # 1 - Ozzy Manson (win) vs. Ricky Rhodes
Match # 2 - Tag Match - 2 falls out of 3
El Zombi & Agua Man vs. El Gato Diabolico & El Diablo (win 2 straight falls)
Match # 3 - "Mejor Luchador" Trophy - 2 falls out of 3
Chief Battu (win 2 falls to 1) vs. Mr. Muerte
Match # 4 - Main Event - Tag Match - 2 falls out of 3
Mini Diablo & Gato Jr. vs. Brindis & Ave Fenix (win 2 falls to 1)

Friday, August 25, 2006

RCW Announcements

River City Wrestling made two announcements today:

Friday, August 25, 2006

Technical difficulties w/ RCW on KCWX

The past episode of RCW on KCWX (August 25) received technical difficulties. RCW called KCWX this morning, and this was an issue with KCWX's master control. After about five minutes into the program, KENS5/KCWX promos began to play and the next program aired.

RCW apologizes for this problem. When RCW spoke to KCWX this morning, KCWX also apologized and will re-air the episode featuring Ikaika vs. Chris Marval and RCW Classics with Amazing Red vs. Don Juan next week.

(210) 842-8398

Friday, August 25, 2006

Congrats to THE CHAMP

Congratulations to 1/2 of the new NWA-TNA Tag Team Champions, Hotstuff Hernandez. Hernandez, along with fellow Latin American Xchange member Homicide, defeated A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels last night on iMPACT to become the new champions. LAX, including Konnan, came to RCW in May for "Nowhere To Run" at Tiffany's Billiards, which will be out on DVD soon.

Hernandez is the current RCW Champion, and has held the title since defeating Kazushi Miyamoto in December 2005.

LAX was so happy with the ovation they received that they have been waiting very anxiously to return to RCW.

Congratulations once again the "Tex-Mex T-Rex," and the win is a reminder of how fortunate San Antonio wrestling fans are to have Hernandez compete in RCW.

(210) 842-8398

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This Weekend in and Around San Antonio Wrestling

RCW Rumor

Brandon Oliver of River City Wrestling issued the following statement today.

"River City Wrestling has been receiving inquiries about a rumored August 26 show. A show was never planned, nor promoted, for that date. FOR OFFICIAL DATES, please visit http://www.rcw-wrestling.com, or call (210) 842-8398. Please do not rely on any other information other than those two official sources, RCW's official myspace, and RCW's official newsletters."

The San Antonio Independent Wrestling Scene will endeavor to only publish information concerning shows that have been confirmed. As always the best place to look for up to date information is from the promotions themselves.

TWE and ACW Shows

The following information comes from the office of American Championship Wrestling:

Should be an interesting weekend for South Texas Wrestling. On Saturday (Aug 26th) The Children of Pain (Jacob Ladder and Darin Childs w/Rachel) travel to Giddings, TX to defend the TWE Tag Titles against RCW and XCW Tag Champs the Texas Treats at the Texas Grand Dance Hall; bell time 7pm. Then on Sunday TWE has accepted the invitation of ACW to settle the score and a huge interpromotional card is booked for Sunday (Aug 27th) at ACW's "The Venue" at 4pm. Already confirmed for the show are ACW's: Children of Pain (TWE Tag Champs), "One Man" Mike Dell, Showtime Summers, Texas Renegade, Rudy Russo and Johnny Rage (ACW Tag Champs), Prince Fontenot, and Tito Sanchez. From TWE: RBG, Brett Thunder (TWE TV Champ), Cowboy James Claxton, Windwalker, Big Dogg, Skitzo, El Latino, and Simply Lucious.

Sunday - 800 Lexington, San Antonio at 4 pm

Make sure to attend these two sure to be amazing shows.

Lucha Libre Friday

Friday evening, The Texas Wrestling Association returns to the Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym at 2000 S. Presa. Doors open at 7 PM. With the increase in the number of Lucha Libre shows in San Antonio recently, the Luchadores are continuing to get in better shape and the quality of these shows is improving dramatically.

ACW Show to be WebCast

Stan Callahan from Indy Warz Radio has made the following announcement. If you cannot make the show live, you can catch the broadcast.

IndyWarz Radio will be broadcasting LIVE from the Venue in San Antonio this Sunday night, 27 August, 2006. The wrestling starts at 4:00pm CST but I am going to try and start the show at about 3:30pm CST. Go by IndyWarzRadio.com for the listen link as well as the chat room. We will be live in the chat room as well.

Be sure to listen in, because you never know who will be my co-host of the night....

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

TWE Schedule Notes

In light of the recent events, the webpage www.texaswrestlingentertainment.com has been updated with several significant schedule details. The following quotes are direct from the site.

8/22 Due to the situation with Hector Navarro, the 8/26 Summer Madness Tour-Giddings Texas, card has been realigned. Skitzo will face former TWA team mate and current TV Champion Brett Thunder. The Main Event will now feature the Texas Tag Team Champions Children of Pain defending the titles against the Texas Treats.

NEWSBOARD: (Rudy Boy Gonzalez in response to message from ACW Office calling out TWE)
Personally, I can not stand being called out. I usually reserve that for the liars and BS'rs of our business. Of which I am not.
I thank the ACW office for opening their doors to this office to settle a feud that began and hasn't been settled.
Consider this our R S V P

The ACW show mentioned is scheduled for this Sunday August 27th at The Venue 800 Lexington. The show starts at 4 PM. Doors usually open 30 minutes earlier but good seating is limited so show up early. The Venue is has a full bar and is an intimate place to enjoy a wrestling show.

Monday, August 21, 2006

ACW Calls Out TWE

American Championship Wrestling has issued the following release today:

Due to the unfortunate cancellation of the August 20th Gym Warz show a vendetta is still unfulfilled, therefore ACW offers it'’s facility and accommodations to settle the score. We here at American Championship Wrestling cordially Invite the Entire Texas Wrestling Entertainment roster and their fans to join us on August 27th 2006 at the Venue located at 800 Lexington San Antonio, TX. Showtime is 4 pm sharp.
Already scheduled to appear: "Showtime" Scott Summers, “One Man Mike Dell, Darin Childs, Jacob Ladder, Rachel Putski, Prince Fontenot, and hopefully the entire TWE Talent Roster. This will be an evening the San Antonio wrestling fans won't soon forget.

- American Championship Wrestling

ACW has made it clear that their thoughts are with the Navarro family at this time.

El Latino wins STPW Cruiserweight Championship

Southern Thunder Pro Wrestling, which runs shows in Lytle and Devine as well as other areas around San Antonio has a new Cruiserweight Champion. To read details of the title change, check out El Latino's webpage www.latindeathdrop.com Congratulations El Latino.

TWE News - Hector Navarro Injury Report

Rudy Gonzalez sent me the following information today and asked me to repost it here. Obviously our thoughts are with the Navarro family at this time:

TWE regrets to announce the 8/20 Gym Warz was canceled in large part due to an injury that was suffered by TWE star Hector Navarro.
Two weeks ago Navarro contracted a type of Staph infection, and it had been thought to have been treated. During a match in Del Rio Texas, Navarro then injured his left thigh, and had what doctors had determined a pull, and slight tear of his Quad muscle, and he was given instructions to rest.
Navarro was scheduled to appear at the Dollars for Dreams charity event in College Station 8/18, followed by NWA-Anarchy 8/19, then the next day 8/20, Gym Warz in San Antonio.
Navarro did a radio promotion in College Station the afternoon of 8/18, but then his health turned for the worse through out the night. He did not wrestle. On the night after the College Station event, Navarros mother informed TWE CEO Rudy Boy Gonzalez, who along with Skitzo, Brett Thunder, and Big Dogg, Navarros replacement, was enroute to Cornelia, Ga, that Navarrox condition had gotten worse and he was admitted into a College Station Hospital, and is listed in critical condition.
Navarro is under a Doctors care and his condition has slightly improved, but is still listed in critical condition as of Sunday evening. Sunday morning Navarro underwent surgery to relieve preasure on his leg from the swelling.
TWE and its crew wish Hector a speedy recovery. Navarro is a large part of the TWE crew and prayers are going out for him.
Out of respect for Navarro, the 8/20 Gym Warz, is being rescheduled to a later date, as it is an event that he helped build up, and needs to be part of.
TWE apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused to any fans that were looking forward to this event. Sometimes life is more important that wrestling.
Thank You for your understanding.
Rudy Gonzalez
Texas Wrestling Academy
Texas Wrestling Entertainment

Saturday, August 19, 2006

MAW Show Friday Night

Mexican American Wrestling returned to Sociedad Cruz Blanca Friday night with a show featuring 5 matches. Referees for the evening were Mano Negra and Juan Diego.

The first match of the evening was a return of the rivalry between Berry and Blakk Sabbath. In the first two meetings between these two, the massive Blakk Sabbath has dominated the smaller Berry, but this time, Berry pledged, would be different. Berry actually did a much better job of avoiding the offense of Blakk Sabbath but there was a sense that this was only temporary and when Blakk Sabbath hit Berry with a corner splash it looked like this was going to be a continuation of the dominance previously shown. When Blakk Sabbath went to throw Berry into a second corner, Mano Negra got in the way and was knocked to the mat. Blakk Sabbath went for the cover on Berry but the referee could not make the count. In frustration Blakk Sabbath got up but before he could revive the ref, Tommy Gunn ran in from the back and slammed the massive Blakk Sabbath. By this time Berry was able to get to his feet. While Blakk Sabbath lay in the middle of the ring, Berry managed to climb the corner and hit Blakk Sabbath with a top rope splash. At this point Mano Negra rolled over and counted the pin.

In the second match El Zombi faced Horoscopo. These two veterans battled fiercely and the crowd responded enthusiastically to the action. The two were very evenly matched throughout the battle and when they both went for a cross body simultaneously they were both knocked out of action and were unable to respond to the referee. Juan Diego was forced to call for the bell. The match was declared a no decision.

The third match featured El Ilegal facing Tommy Gunn. Gunn found himself outnumbered as referee Juan Diego clearly favored the rudo Ilegal. Despite these odds, Gunn was able to beat the fast counts and the blatant assistance Diego gave Ilegal. In the end, the referee had no choice but slowly count three when Gunn pinned el Ilegal.

The next match was a tag match with the team of J.J. Wakefield and Bobby Garrett facing Manny Villalobos and his partner Renegade, but Renegade was unable to make the show, leaving Villalobos alone. Manny called to the back to see if anyone back there was willing to join him in this match. Answering this call came none other than Berry, still high of his victory earlier in the evening. Berry proved to be a good partner for Villalobos as the pair showed surprisingly strong teamwork, frustrating Wakefield and Garrett for much of the match. Slowly the rulebreaking pair began asserting themselves and managed to keep Berry in their corner until finally scoring the pin. Afterwards, Villalobos and Berry called for 5 more minutes but Wakefield and Garrett decided it was wiser to retreat with the victory intact.

The main event was a 2 falls out of 3 tag match with the special stipulation that the loser of the final pinfall would have to wear a dress for the next 2 MAW shows. The Technico team of Lemus 2 and Chief Battu faced the Rudo team of Virus and Mr. Muerte. These are 4 of the top wrestlers working Lucha Libre in San Antonio and the match was action filled and hotly contested from before the opening bell as the Technicos jumped the rudos to an early advantage. The personal rivalry between Muerte and Lemus seemed to be an underlying theme of the match as the two showed contempt for one another throughout. The first fall was decided when Lemus pinned Virus as Battu pinned Muerte. In the second fall, the rudos came back strong and Lemus was forced to submit to Muerte as Virus pinned Battu. The final fall was the pivotal one as the loser would be forced to wear the black dress, a stunning sequined number. The fall was particularly heated and as Muerte submitted Lemus, Battu pinned Virus. This left Battu and Muerte to face off. Neither wanted to be humiliated with the loss. Lemus and Virus remained ringside offering support to their respective partners, but Virus found himself distracted by some rowdy fans and was unable to help his partner at a key moment and Battu managed to pin Mr. Muerte. At first Muerte refused the gown, but when Lemus made it clear that Muerte would not get a shot at his championship, Muerte relented and donned the gown. The championship match was signed for the next show in two weeks.

Aside from the championship match, 3 other matches have already been announced. In the main event, the team of the Superheroes return to MAW. Always popular with the children, Spider Man and Bat Man face the team of Poder Boriqua and San Quintin the Clown. Also announced is a tag match between Brindis & Dragon X and La Viagra and Virus. Tommy Gunn returns as well to face Manny Domingo.

Mexican American Wrestling
Sociedad Cruz Blanca
Friday August 18, 2006

Match # 1 - Berry (win) vs. Blakk Sabbath
Match # 2 - El Zombi vs. Horoscopo (no decision)
Match # 3 - El Ilegal vs. Tommy Gunn (win)
Match # 4 - Tag Team Match
J.J. Wakefield & Bobby Garrett (win) vs. Manny Villalobos & Berry
Match # 5 - Main Event - 2 Falls Out Of 3 Tag Match - Loser Wears a Dress Match
Lemus 2 & Chief Battu (win 2 falls out of 3) vs. Virus & Mr. Muerte

Friday, August 18, 2006

TWE Show Rescheduled

Rudy Gonzalez, CEO of the Texas Wrestling Entertainment posted the following information on the TWE webpage Friday concerning the show scheduled for Sunday August 27th. www.texaswrestlingentertainment.com

"Due to issues within our control, Gym Warz is being moved back a week, to try out a 'new venue'. Details coming in the next couple of days.
See you there."

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Weekend Report - TWA and PWI Shows

Friday TWA Lucha Libre

Texas Wrestling Association returned to the Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym Friday night with a marathon show which featured 5 matches, each with 2 falls out of 3 rules. The referee for the evening was Juan Diego who showed his favoritism for the Rudos in the very first match.

Agua Man faced the veteran Technico Semental in the first match. Despite scoring the first fall on a slow count pin, Semental couldn't overcome the odds as Juan Diego assisted Agua Man to the next two falls.

The second match featured Berry against Ozzy Manson in an exciting match. Manson showed some solid, innovative offense while Berry's resilience allowed him to reverse the momentum, winning the first fall by pin. The second fall went back to Manson who pinned Berry following a particularly hard slam. Berry never seemed to recover during the third fall and when Manson applied an arm submission hold, Berry was forced to tap.

The next match featured a tag match of Rudos versus Rudos. The team of El Zombi and Comando Jr. seemed to have the crowd support based on the respect paid to 30 year veteran Zombi and the incredible athleticism of the mini Commando. The team of El Diablo and Gato Diabolico are two of the best luchadores in San Antonio and were unconcerned with the crowd support. In the first fall, Commando Jr. pinned Diablo following an impressive chain of moves and counters involving all four men. The team of Diablo and Gato Diabolico came back in the second fall scoring a double pin. In the final fall, the referee Juan Diego asserted himself, openly assisting the team of Diablo and Gato Diabolico and then counting the pin.

The fourth match was also a tag match. The Rudos team of El Ilegal and Desertoro faced the Technicos Gato Jr. and Brindis. Gato Jr. and Brindis are extremely athletic and did well in countering the rulebreaking tactics of Ilegal and Desertoro. In the first fall Brindis submitted Ilegal but the rudos came back in the second fall with Ilegal pinning Brindis. In the third fall Juan Diego tried to assist the rudos, but the technicos overcame the odds and Brindis pinned Desertoro.

The main event featured four of the top luchadores in San Antonio. The Rudos Mr. Muerte and Ave Fenix faced the Technicos Lemus 2 and Chief Battu. Muerte & Fenix had some difficulty with their teamwork early, missing some opportunities. The Technicos took advantage of this lack of continuity and scored an early pin when Lemus covered Ace Fenix. In the second fall, the Rudos got their teamwork together and when Battu appeared to be injured in out of the ring action, Ave Fenix was able to submit Lemus. After the fall, Battu left to the back, leaving Lemus to face both rudos alone. The odds were too much for Lemus 2 and in the end, not only was he pinned, but Ave Fenix managed to remove Lemus' mask. Fortunately Lemus was able to cover his face with a towel and make it to the back. This rivalry has been taken to a new level and will undoubtedly continue into the future.

Texas Wrestling Association
Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym
Friday, August 11th, 2006

Match # 1 - Agua Man (win 2 falls to 1) vs. Semental
Match # 2 - Berry vs. Ozzy Manson (win 2 falls to 1)
Match # 3 - Tag Match
El Zombi & Comando Jr. vs.. El Diablo & Gato Diabolico (win 2 falls to 1)
Match # 4 - Tag Match
El Ilegal & Desertoro vs. Gato Jr. & Brindis (win 2 falls to 1)
Match # 5 - Main Event - Tag Match
Mr. Muerte & Ave Fenix (win 2 falls to 1) vs. Lemus 2 & Chief Battu

Saturday PWI Show at SPLACH

Pro Wrestling International returned to S.P.L.A.C.H. Sports Bar Saturday Night with six exciting matches. New Alliances were formed, new faces debuted and new champions were crowned. The referee for the evening was Terry Sleaze.

The first match was for the light heavyweight championship held by Dragon X. The challenger was Berry. These two high-flyers wowed the crowd with their skills and it looked as though Berry was set to take his first singles championship but the masked man from Japan managed to reverse the momentum and when he hit a ddt off the send turnbuckle, scored the pin and kept his championship.

In the second match, Blue Angel was defending his US Title against Blaine Steele who came to the ring with his manager The Hustler. The crowd was all over Steele who seemed greatly distracted by the abuse of the fans. Despite the interference of The Hustler, Blue Angel managed to fight through the odds and hit a top rope elbow on Steele and scored the pin, winning and retaining the title.

The third match was a triple threat Lucha match featuring Lemus 2, Mr. Muerte & Atrevido. This was an exciting match with plenty of high impact action. Lemus worked as the Technico and Muerte was the Rudo and Atrevido aligned himself with either wrestler as it seemed to benefit him. When Lemus pinned Atrevido, the emotions between Muerte and Lemus boiled over. The two exchanged words in Spanish and English, setting up a one on one match with extreme rules for the next show (September 23rd)

The next match was for the PWI International Title held by the big Brazilian Mojo. The challenger was J.J. Wakefield who came to the ring accompanied by The Hustler. The match was extremely hard hitting and although it wasn't announced as being no disqualification, the Referee Terry Sleaze allowed the use of chairs and even a table into the ring. The Hustler was unable to help his man when Mojo slammed Wakefield through the table and scored the pin.

The fifth match was supposed to have been a tag match featuring The Hustler and Ryu against the PWI Champion Mad Dog Ken Johnson and Skunk, but since the Hustler had been injured during a home invasion earlier this month, Hustler had brought in a special replacement in the form of Mombasa. The Exotic Mombasa and Ryu took an early advantage on the eccentric Mad Dog and Skunk but slowly the fan favorites began to seize control. When it looked like Mad Dog and Skunk were going to win the match, four men emerged from the back, wearing jerseys proclaiming them the "210 Mob." Blaine Steele, JJ Wakefield, Ozzy Manson and Ricky Rhodes joined Ryu, Mombasa and Hustler in beating down Johnson and Skunk. Things were looking bad for Johnson and Skunk when two more men emerged from the back as Johnny Rage and Renegade rushed in to make the save.

The main event was for the Tag Titles currently held by the team of Ozzy Manson and Ricky Rhodes. The champions didn't come to the ring alone however. The Hustler as well as the other 2 members of the 210 Mob, Steele and Wakefield, joined them ringside. The Challengers, Manny Villalobos and Bobby Garrett didn't have to face the entire group for long as Mad Dog, Skunk, Rage and Renegade joined the crowd of wrestlers surrounding the ring. The balance of power restored, the action remained pretty much inside the ring. The team of Villalobos and Garrett showed outstanding ring work, keeping Manson insider the ring for the majority of the match. The frustration began to get to Rhodes who was unable to get past the referee and help his partner. The champions never really got things going their way and when the wrestlers on the outside of the ring began brawling with one another, referee Terry Sleaze managed to keep his focus on the action inside the ring. As all four men battled inside the ring, Sleaze chose to show some leeway. Recognizing the importance of the title match, and that titles cannot change hands on a disqualification, Sleaze allowed the action to continue and counted 1-2-3 when both members of the champs were pinned by the challengers. As the members of the 210 Mob retreated to the back, the new Champions, Villalobos and Garrett celebrated in the ring with the other wrestlers and with the children in attendance.

Pro Wrestling International
S.P.L.A.C.H. Sports Bar
Saturday, August 12 2006

Match # 1 - Light Heavyweight Championship
Champion Dragon X (win and retains title) vs. Challenger Berry
Match # 2 - US Title Match
Champion Blue Angel (win and retains title) vs. Challenger Blaine Steele with The Hustler
Match # 3 - Triple Threat Lucha Libre Match
Lemus 2 (win) vs. Mr. Muerte vs. Atrevido
Match # 4 - International Title Match
Champion Mojo (win and retains title) vs. Challenger J.J. Wakefield with The Hustler
Match # 5 - Tag Team Match
Mombasa & Ryu with The Hustler vs. Skunk & "Mad Dog" Ken Johnson (win by disqualification)
Match # 6 - Main Event - Tag Team Championship Match
Challengers Manny Villalobos & Bobby Garrett with Johnson, Skunk, Renegade and Johnny Rage (win and New Champions) vs. Champions Ricky Rhodes & Ozzy Manson with The Hustler, Wakefield & Steele

Thursday, August 10, 2006

TWE Webpage Update

The Texas Wrestling Entertainment has updated its web site with a video of the August 5th match in Del Rio in which the Children of Pain - Darin Childs & Jacob Ladder defeated the team of Skitzo and Hector Navarro for the TWE Texas Tag Team Titles. This appears to have been an incredibly violent match. Check it out at www.texaswrestlingentertainment.com

Monday, August 07, 2006

TWE Tag Championship News

The following information was posted on the Texas Wrestling Entertainment Newsboard:

On Friday August 4th, before a packed house of almost 500 in Del Rio Texas,Darin Childs and Jacob Ladder captured the Texas Tag Team titles from Skitzo and Hector Navarro in THE most brutal match in TWE history. Skitzo was taken to a hospital for a few hours of observation.
On Saturday August 5th, at NWA-Anarchy in Cornelia Ga, RBG gets fed up with Bret Thunder and issues a challenge.
Details coming in the next 'Results'.

***Always check www.texaswrestlingentertainment.com for the most up to date information.***

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Breaking All Of The Rules 2

River City Wrestling returned to Tiffany Billiards with a record-breaking show of special stipulation matches. 336 paid attendance eclipsed the previous record, but attendance records weren't the only things broken on this night. The show started quickly as Ring Announcer Jeff Houston and Referee Alex Marrozos came to the ring and the first match was announced.

The opening match was a three team scramble for the Tag Team Championship currently held by the Shadow Alliance of Wally Darkmon and Joey Spector. The other teams challenging for the titles were the Texas Treats - Don Juan and Chris Marval, and the Nerdy Boys - Kris Kronie and Johnny Ender. Simply put, this match came close to stealing the show. Many in attendance considered it the best opening match of any show this year. The action was non-stop with high impact wrestling from the opening bell. Individuals who had been critical of some of these participants last week should view this match as proof of the commitment and skills of all involved. With the Scramble rules, tags were not necessary, when one man left the ring another would enter. This lead to every possible matchup occurring and several double-team maneuvers involving members of opposing teams working together to team up on members of the third team. All three teams should be commended, but it was the Texas Treats who showed the teamwork necessary to win and when Chris Marval pinned Spector following a vicious double team maneuver, there were new Tag Team Champions. Congratulations to the new RCW Tag Champions Don Juan and Chris Marval, the Texas Treats.

After the match, Hotstuff Hernandez came to the ring accompanied by RCW President Brandon Oliver and RCW Diva Cat. As the 6 men in the ring were about to shake hands, Hotstuff came in and quickly cleared the ring. Commissioner Yebisu, who managed the Treats to victory was not quick enough to avoid a mega-bomb from the RCW Champion. Afterwards Brandon Oliver calmly claimed the tag belts and proclaimed that it was he who controlled RCW, not Yebisu or the IPS or any others.

The second match was for the RCW TV Title and the special stipulation was that this was a Ladder Match. Challenger Fast Eddie Vegas was forced to go at it alone as his manager Yebisu had been helped to the back. This didn't seem to bother Eddie who was as confident as always. Champion Andrew Dalton also came to the ring alone. The crowd was treated to another outstanding match as these two wrestler showed what they were made of. Fans who have questioned Dalton's antics may not be so quick to question his toughness and both he and Eddie used the ladders and chairs to inflict damage on the other. At some time during the match, the ring boards under the mat broke and for the rest of the show, the ring became more precarious. As the two men showed incredible creativity in using the ladders to harm the other it appeared that neither would be able to gain the advantage required to climb the ladder and retrieve the belt. When both men were stunned in the ring, from out of the back emerged JT LaMotta, Dalton's partner in the Hardbodies. LaMotta threw powder in the eyes of referee Alex Marrozos and rushed to the ring. Scurrying up the ladder, LaMotta deftly undid the clasp and quickly retrieved the belt for his partner. LaMotta then rushed to Marrozos and pointed out that Dalton had the belt. Marrozos had no choice but to call for the bell and declare Dalton the winner and still champion.

Following this match, The Texas Treats returned to the ring, apparently to aid their IPS partner Fast Eddie, but when Hotstuff and his entourage came out, fans began to suspect there was more to it. Marval and Don Juan explained that since they had belts it only seemed right that they join forces with the true powers in RCW. Since Eddie didn't win his match, he wasn't good enough to join them. Besides, since Hotstuff, Marval and Don Juan were Mexicans, and Eddie is Cuban he didn't belong. The Treats then proceeded to beat down their former associate. They then turned on the fans who had previously been supportive of them.

The next match was the Fan Strap Lumberjack Match. 12 fans were selected by raffle to participate, they then surrounded the ring. Next the combatants came out. First came Bling King Quinten Allen who was greeted by mixed crowd reaction. The second combatant was the returning JT LaMotta who was appearing in his first RCW match since suffering an injury last month in a show in north Texas. LaMotta showed no signs of being slowed as he and Allen squared off. The two battled in the ring for several minutes before the Bling King was thrown out to the lumberjacks. The fans with straps quickly encouraged him to return to the ring, the first time. The next time Allen went through the ropes he landed on the other side of the ring. The Lumberjacks on that side were far more friendly to the Bling King. The weren't so kind to LaMotta when he landed on that side. Eventually it was JT who managed to gain control, and using the ropes he scored the pin over Quinten.

Following the intermission, the show was set to continue with the fatal four-way match for the RCW Heavyweight Championship held by Hotstuff Hernandez. Before the match began, the challengers were introduced: The Great Kazushi Miyamoto from the IPS accompanied by Commissioner Yebisu, One-Man Mike Dell, and the Hawaiian Smashing Machine Ikaika. Ikaika took the microphone and announced that this match was going to be his last. Ikaika explained that he had some personal issues to deal with and thanked those fans who had supported him and that he hoped to give them a good match. The San Antonio Independent Wrestling Scene wishes Ikaika success in his future endeavors in and out of the ring. The four men in this match each asserted themselves physically at different points. There were no alliances as it was every man for himself. Ikaika was the unfortunate recipient of the green mist from Kazushi but managed to kick out of a pin attempt. As Referee Alex Marrozos dealt with action outside the ring, RCW Diva Cat ran into the ring and hit Dell in the groin. The Texas Treats then came in for a quick double team on Dell who somehow managed to kick out of a pin attempt by Hernandez. Hotstuff then grabbed a trash can and hit Dell with it. Placing the can over Dell's head, Hotstuff then hit him with a dropkick from the top turnbuckle. Dell was unable to withstand this and when Hotstuff covered him for the pin, the match was over. Hotstuff Hernandez remains the unbeaten RCW Heavyweight Champion. After the match, both Dell and Kazushi swore to return.

The main event of the evening was next. The announced three way hardcore match featuring Necro Butcher, Homeless Hugh Rogue and JCW Hardcore Champion Rude Boy did not occur as Rude Boy and Violent J of the ICP were unable to make the show and Rogue was not able to get medical clearance after receiving a fractured cheekbone last night in a match against Necro. Rogue was not willing to be left out. He came out in a Referee's shirt and slammed Marrozos. So Hugh Rogue was the special referee for this Tag Team San Antonio Street fight. The first team, Chuy Martinez and Alcatraz came to the ring pushing a shopping cart filled with implements of destruction. Their opponents were Sidd Murder and Necro Butcher. The match started out as a basic tag match with Sidd and Chuy in the ring, but Necro Butcher assured that the formalities wouldn't last long, "I'm gonna tag in once. Only once!" Knowing of Necro's reputation, the team of Martinez and Alcatraz seemed determined to inflict as much damage as possible, keeping Sidd in the ring and Necro on the outside. Sidd put up a valiant fight as his back was sliced up from light tubes but when he finally managed to tag in Necro Butcher the match really opened up. Describing the action in a singles hardcore match is difficult. In a Tag Team match, it is almost impossible. The broken ring from earlier in the show had deteriorated to the point of a two foot deep pit in the middle of the ring. Fortunately, not very much of the action took place in the ring. Hugh Rogue was forced to run from one battle to the other counting pin covers as Alcatraz and Necro were battling in the parking lot and Sidd and Martinez were battling in the crowd. Fans were amazed at the violence of this match and when Necro Butcher finally pinned Chuy Martinez the fans showed their appreciation for all the men in the match.

RCW has yet to announce the next show date, but plans are in the work for a date sometime this month. When details are announced at www.rivercitywrestling.net or on RCW Rampage KCWX UPN2 every Friday Morning at 12:30 AM they well be reprinted here.

River City Wrestling
Breaking All Of The Rules 2
Tiffany Billiards
Saturday August 5, 2006

Match # 1 - Three Team Scramble for the RCW Tag Team Championship
Challengers The Texas Treats - Don Juan & Chris Marval w/ Commissioner Yebisu (win and new RCW Tag Champions) vs. Challengers The Nerdy Boys - Johnny Ender & Kris Kronie vs. Champions The Shadow Alliance Joey Spector & Wally Darkmon
Match # 2 - Ladder Match for the RCW TV Title
Challenger Fast Eddie Vegas vs. Champion Andrew Dalton (win and retains title)
Match # 3 - Fan Strap Lumberjack Match
Quinten Allen vs. JT LaMotta (win)
Match # 4 - Four way "anything goes" match for RCW Heavyweight Title
Challenger The Great Kazushi Miyamoto w/ Yebisu vs. Challenger One Man Mike Dell vs. Ikaika vs. Champion Hotstuff Hernandez w/ Brandon Oliver & Cat (win and retains title)
Match # 5 - Main Event - Hardcore Tag Team San Antonio Street Fight
Chuy Martinez & Alcatraz vs. Sidd Murder & Necro Butcher (win)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mexican American Wrestling

MAW presented a Lucha Libre show Friday August 4th at Sociedad Cruz Blanca on West Poplar. Fans were treated to six matches with a mix of traditional Lucha style matches and American style wrestling. As usual the crowd was festive and responsive to the action in the ring. The referee duties were split between Mano Negra and Juan Diego

The opening match was a rematch from the previous show as Blakk Sabbath faced Berry. Once again, the smaller Berry tried tenaciously to gain an advantage on the massive Blakk Sabbath. Once again it was to no avail. Berry managed to avoid some of the more violent moves, but was never able to get any offensive momentum. When Blakk Sabbath applied his variation of a cradle piledriver, the match was over, but the beatdown continued. Blakk Sabbath seemed determined to discourage Berry from ever crossing his path again. Blakk Sabbath continued the beatdown until Chief Battu came out to the aid of Berry. Afterwards Berry got on the mike and issued a challenge. Given one more chance in 2 weeks, Berry guaranteed to find a way to change the results.

The second match featured the Lonestar Kid Ricky Rhodes facing local favorite Dragon X. Rhodes seemed very confident that he could easily handle the smaller Dragon X. Rhodes wasn't prepared however for the lightning array of moves possessed by the masked man from the orient. If Rhodes had taken the challenge seriously he might have been successful, but a couple of lazy covers gave Dragon X the opportunity to reverse a pin for the victory.

In the third match, legendary Luchadore El Zombi made his return to MAW. Ave Fenix faced this monumental challenge gallantly, absorbing the crushing blows of the larger Zombi. The fans appreciated the efforts of both competitors and when Ave Fenix was able to apply a wicked submission on the veteran Zombi the fans applauded both wrestlers and their efforts.

The next match featured two veteran luchadores, Horoscopo and Semental. These twp men obviously knew each other well and started with the chain wrestling typical of lucha libre. As the match progressed however, pride became an issue and the moves became more violent and the blows more viscous. Neither men wanted to lose to the other. In the end, it was Semental who earned the victory.

The next match was for the tag team championship held by JJ Wakefield and Bobby Garrett. The challengers were Renegade and Manny Villalobos. This match was contested under 2 falls out of 3 rules and the fans were clearly on the side of the challengers. Wakefield and Garrett allowed the fans' taunts to get to them and lost the first fall as the challengers scored a double pin on the champs. The champs came back quickly and, taking advantage of a distracted referee, struck low blows on Renegade and Villalobos and scored the pin in the second fall. In the third fall, the challengers seemed to have the champions' number and the crowd sensed that the titles could change tonight. The champions seemed to sense this as well so Wakefield pulled out a pair of brass knuckles and clobbered Renegade. The referee spotted this and instantly called for the DQ. The challengers took the match, but the champions kept the belts. After the match, Manny Villalobos challenged the champs to a no DQ match at the next show. The champions did not respond.

The main event featured 4 of the best wrestlers in the area in a best of three falls tag match. The rudo team of Virus and Mr. Muerte faced the technicos Lemus 2 and Chief Battu. This was a back and forth match with all 4 men seeing action. Although the fans were all over Virus, many seemed to enjoy the antics of his partner Mr. Muerte. The technicos are just two very tough men in Battu and the MAW Heavyweight Champion Lemus 2. The first fall was scored when Lemus submitted Virus. In the second fall, Virus was able to ignore the taunts of the crowd and gain a measure of revenge, submitting Lemus. The third fall spilled out into the crowd as all four men seemed determined to punish their opponents. The referee Juan Diego clearly favored the Rudos in this fall. overlooking the rulebreaking tactics which resulted in Chief Battu bleeding freely. With Battu disabled, Lemus was unable to overcome the efforts of the Rudos and was pinned by Virus. It was Mr. Muerte who seemed to get most under Lemus's skin however and after the match, Lemus challenged the masked Muerte to a championship match at the next show in two weeks.

Mexican American Wrestling
Sociedad Cruz Blanca
Friday, August 4, 2006

Match # 1 - Blakk Sabbath (win) vs. Berry
Match # 2 - Ricky Rhodes vs. Dragon X (win)
Match # 3 - El Zombie vs. Ave Fenix (win)
Match # 4 - Horoscopo vs. Semental (win)
Match # 5 - Tag Title Match - 2 Falls Out Of 3
Champions JJ Wakefield & Bobby Garrett vs. Challengers Renegade & Manny Villalobos (win 2 falls to 1- DQ no title change)
Match # 6 - Tag Match - 2 Falls Out Of 3
Virus & Mr. Muerte (win 2 falls to 1) vs. Lemus 2 & Chief Battu

Thursday, August 03, 2006

RCW TV Show Tonight

River City Wrestling released the following information concerning the RCW Rampage TV show tonight:

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tonight on RCW on KCWX

RCW on KCWX tonight at 12:30 a.m., on KCWX, South Texas' UPN2 affiliate.

Tonight on the program...

- "One Man" Mike Dell, the ever-popular high school football star, facing the challenge of Commissioner Yebisu's choice and newest member of the International Power Station. Just a week after getting screwed out of the RCW Championship due to an alliance between champion Hotstuff Hernandez and RCW Promoter Brandon Oliver, how will Dell bounce back?

- "80's Sensation" Joey Spector is forced to defend the Tag Team Championship despite the fact that his partner, Wally Darkmon, is on the injured list. He must have a mystery partner, and defend the titles against The Nerdy Boys, who have a newfound attitude.

Jacob Ladder as a Jolly Old Elf

Check out the new videos on www.jacobladder.net Featured is a match from the TWE invasion of ACW. Rudy Boy Gonzalez challenging for Ladder's ACW Heavyweight Title. An enjoyable match for so many reasons.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

End of Month Report and Rankings

So much to cover! No month in memory has seen so much action. New champions include Lemus 2 as the first MAW Heavyweight Champion, in ACW One Man Mike Dell took the Texas Title from Darin Childs and Johnny Rage replaced Martin Styles as Rudy Russo's Tag Champion Partner, in PWI Blue Angel defeated Ricky Rhodes for the US Title and the Hooligans Bull Harley and Crazy Jimmy took the Tag Championship, and perhaps most impressive of all, Brett Thunder took the TWE TV Title from Milano Collection AT. Is Thunder ready to pay the debt to the CoP? Congratulations to all the new and the current champions!

Several wrestlers crossed promotional lines this month, sometimes overcoming personal issues to do so for the betterment of their own careers and for San Antonio Wrestling. Don Juan, Gator, Bigg Dogg, Hector Navarro, Skitzo and Rudy Boy Gonzalez all surprised fans by turning up at shows and should be applauded. The Promoters of TWE, ACW and RCW all deserve praise for opening lines of communications that had been closed for a long time.

As the top promotions step up their games, the emerging promotions also impressed fans. With more wrestling than ever taking place in San Antonio, its debatable whether we have reached the point of "Too Much Of A Good Thing."

Despite some of the best wrestling in Texas taking place right here in SA, the mainstream media continues to miss the point. The San Antonio Current wasted several pages and a cover on 2 backyard promotions. As both of these promotions have been running shows for years, the stories were neither news nor worthy of attention. The San Antonio Independent Wrestling Scene strongly encourages fans to support only those shows that feature trained professional wrestlers.

July Rankings
For the first time in the history of The Scene's rankings, there are repeat winners in TWE Tag Team Champions Hector Navarro and Skitzo. By successfully defending their titles in 2 TWE shows and in their invasion of ACW, Navarro and Skitzo are becoming dominant performers. Congratulations Champs!
17 - Hector Navarro
17 - Skitzo
14 - Jacob Ladder
14 - One Man Mike Dell
14 - Hotstuff Hernandez
11 - Spector
10 - Andrew Dalton
10 - Lemus II
9 - Brett Thunder
9 - Don Juan
9 - Bigg Dogg
8 - Rudy Russo
8 - Rudy Boy Gonzales
8 - JJ Wakefield
8 - Mr. Muerte
7 - Masada
7 - Vega
6 - Darin Childs
6 - Ikaika
6 - Wally Darkmon
6 - Fast Eddie Vegas
6 - Bull Harley
6 - Mojo
6 - Crazy Jimmy
6 - Chief Battu
5 - Chris Marval
5 - El Latino
5 - Virus
5 - Raiden
5 - Mad Dog Ken Johnson
5 - Milano Collection AT
5 - Blue Angel
5 - Ave Fenix
4 - Wind Walker
4 - Cowboy James Claxton
4 - Johnny Ender
4 - Kris Kronie
4 - Dragon X
4 - Quinten Allen
4 - Johnny Rage
4 - Dusty Wolfe
4 - Berry
4 - Ricky Rhodes
4 - Manny Villalobos
4 - Universitario
4 - Gordo Lobo
4 - Imperious
3 - Texas Renegade
3 - Estrella Universal
3 - Jared Steele
3 - Vicki
3 - Rexx Reed
3 - Nikko
3 - Spiro
3 - Ryu
3 - Tito Sanchez
3 - Gator
3 - Seth Shai
3 - The Great Kazushi
3 - Alcatraz
3 - El Cristamo
3 - Blakk Sabbath
3 - Maverick
3 - Globo Humano
3 - Aquaman
3 - El Diablo
3 - El Ilegal
3 - Gato Diabolico
3 - Comando
2 - Martin Styles
2 - Simply Luscious
2 - Showtime Summers
2 - Brett Anthony
2 - Cobra
2 - Prince
2 - Kit Carson
2 - Chris Germany
2 - Takeshi
2 - Muñeco Nexxus
2 - Brindis
2 - Gato Jr.
2 - Semental
2 - Horoscopo
2 - Mini Diablo
1 - Bobby Garrett
1 - Mark Orton

Wrestling Press Releases

TWE Press Release

Texas Wrestling Entertainment owner Rudy Boy Gonzalez issued the following release today:

For immediate release.....

Man Pig Films has just begun primary filming on a new full-length documentary about Independent Wrestling focusing on the Texas Wrestling Academy and the Texas Wrestling Entertainment promotion.

Filming began July 22, 2006 with the Terry Taylor clinic, with Taylor adding some comments, and will continue until early December 2006. This documentary will follow the TWA training and day to day happpenings of one of the top Pro Wrestling schools today, and the TWE one of the top independent Pro Wrestling Promotions in Texas, all the way to the Year End Wrestling Extravaganza STAR WARZ.

Interest has already come from A&E, and talks have been held with Showtime and Fox Sports. This will be a 'Beyond The Mat' type documentary, with out a lot of the negativity. Updates and sneak previews of the film will be posted on the Texas Wrestling Entertainment website

This is something I have been working on for a long, long time. ANYONE that wants to get a cameo appearance and possibly some air time please let me know. This may have a TWE or TWA label on it, but I am actually trying to make this a Texas Wrestlling thing. No overweight guys jumping on trampolines, no crackheads, no flying wigs. Just the talent, as you see them, and what their goals are. More info as it comes.

PO Box 760452
San Antonio, Texas

RCW Press Release

River City Wrestling owner Brandon Oliver issued the following press release today:

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, August 1, 2006
For Information Contact:
Brandon Oliver
(210) 842-8398

Card announced for this Saturday's Breaking All of the Rules II

RCW's premiere hardcore event returns with Breaking All of the Rules II. This event carries a parental warning as things will get extreme!

Saturday, August 5
Tiffany's Billards and Sports Bar
7011 San Pedro
7:30 p.m.

Main Event
Juggalo Championshi* Wrestling Championship
Psychopathic Records' own Rude Boy vs. the notorious NecroButcher vs. RCW's "Homeless" Hugh Rogue
In Rude Boy's corner will be VIOLENT J of the Insane Clown Posse

RCW Championship
Four-Way Match
"The 300-pound Tex-Mex T-Rex" Hotstuff Hernandez defends his title in a Four-Way against "The Smashing Machine" Ikaika, The Great Kazushi Miyamoto, and "One Man" Mike Dell

RCW Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Scramble Match
The Shadow Alliance (Joey Spector & Wally Darkmon) defend against The Texas Treats (Don Juan & Chris Marval) and The Nerdy Boys (Johnny Ender & Kris Kronie)

RCW Television Title
Ladder Match
"Hardbody" Andrew Dalton defends the title against Fast Eddie Vegas

Fan Lumberjack Strap Match
Wrestlers to be announced.
Fan have an opportunity to serve as lumberjacks by purchasing a raffle ticket for $1 each. You can buy more than one ticket to increase your chances of becoming a lumberjack. Fans must bring their own belts (no studs).

Order your tickets online right now and save $2!!! Tickets are $10 in advance online, $12 at the door.http://www.rcw-wrestling.com


For more information about River City Wrestling, including press photos, contact Brandon Oliver at (210) 842-8398 at rcwprez@rivercitywrestling.net