Upcoming Events

  • Show Dates and Details are subject to change without notice. Always check with the promotion to confirm.
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  • Saturday April 30 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Saturday May 7 - River City Wrestling - 8:00 PM - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 1630 Goliad Rd.
  • Friday May 13 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Friday May 27 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday May 28 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Saturday June 4 - River City Wrestling - 8:00 PM - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 1630 Goliad Rd.
  • Friday June 10 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Friday June 24 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday June 25 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Saturday July 2 - River City Wrestling - 8:00 PM - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 1630 Goliad Rd.
  • Friday July 8 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Friday July 22 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday July 30 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Saturday August 6 - River City Wrestling - 8:00 PM - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 1630 Goliad Rd.
  • Friday August 12 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Friday August 26 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday August 27 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Saturday September 3 - River City Wrestling - 8:00 PM - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 1630 Goliad Rd.
  • Friday September 9 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Friday September 23 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday September 24 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Saturday October 1 - River City Wrestling - 8:00 PM - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 1630 Goliad Rd.
  • Friday October 14 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Friday October 28 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday October 29 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Saturday November 5 - River City Wrestling - 8:00 PM - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 1630 Goliad Rd.
  • Friday November 11 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday November 19 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Friday November 25 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday December 3 - Southern Championship Wrestling - 8:00 PM - SCW Sports Station - 3890 HWY 132 - Lytle
  • Friday December 9 - Texas Wrestling Association - 7:45 PM - Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym - 1334 S. Flores
  • Saturday December 10 - River City Wrestling - 8:00 PM - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - 1630 Goliad Rd.
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  • Please send results from any San Antonio area wrestling shows to bayou_926@hotmail.com (include "Wrestling" in subject line)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wrestler's Web Page Updated

Rexx Reed has notified the Scene that his webpage has been updated. Check it out at www.xtremebulldawg.bravehost.com). The San Antonio Independent Wrestling Scene will post links to the web pages of any wrestlers or promotions who appear in San Antonio. Send the information to bayou_926@hotmail.com Please include the word "wrestling" in the subject line of all emails.

News & Notes

A Message From Hector Navarro

Hector Navarro has published the following words on the TWE Message Board:


Well, after five weeks and three days of being in the hospital, I now get to go home. Wednesday after my morning meds and antibiotics I am outta here! There is still more medicine and antibiotics to take but I'll have someone come out to the house and administer them. I'll be staying at my parents house, who have been very strong throughout this. So I won't be seeing San Antonio for a while, which I do miss and everybody out there. I'll be thinking about everybody while I finish my recovery and again I thank everyone for their support.

The San Antonio Independent Wrestling Scene is thrilled to hear this news. For further information concerning Hector and all the wrestlers in TWE continue visiting www.texaswrestlingentertainment.com

Upcoming PWI Show

Pro Wrestling International Entertainment has scheduled a show for Saturday October 21 at S.P.L.A.C.H. Sports Bar at 905 Nogalitos. Special Halloween activities will be planned for the children in the crowd. Beginning in November, PWI will be moving to an indoor facility near their current location. Check out www.myspace.com/pwientertainment for updates soon.

This Weekend

I will be out of town through the 1st of the month. This means that there will be no reports for this weekend unless someone sends me details of the local shows. If anyone is available for any show, please send detailed report to the Scene by email bayou_926@hotmail.com as always please include the word "wrestling" in the subject line of any email.

This also means there will be a delay in the publishing of the Scenes end of the month. Thank you for your support and patience. (By the way. It's my birthday. You can send birthday wishes to my myspace page www.myspace.com/6371111)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Wrestler's Web Page Updated

San Antonio based wrestler El Latino has informed the San Antonio Independent Wrestling Scene that his web page www.latindeathdrop.com has been updated.

The scene will provide links to web pages for any wrestler or promotion who has worked in San Antonio. Send your information to bayou_926@hotmail.com. As always, include the word "wrestling" in the subject line of the email.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Weekend Report Part 3

ACW at the Venue Sunday

American Championship Wrestling returned to the Venue at 800 Lexington Sunday afternoon and the wrestlers of TWE made an appearance as anticipated. Ring announcer Jeff Houston introduced and called the action for the rowdy crowd assisted by play by play announcer Chris Jordan. The action got under way quickly as One Man Mike Dell came to the ring to bring everyone up to date on how he had been robbed of his ACW Texas Title last month when TWE referee Ric Porter rushed to the ring to make the 3 count for Brett Thunder when the ACW ref had been incapacitated in the match. Thunder had left that night holding both the ACW Texas Title and the TWE TV Title. Dell called to the back for Thunder to come to the ring, but instead he got Darin Childs, accompanied by the lovely Rachel. Both men were intent to claim the titles from Thunder who came to the ring with Ric Porter and after a few heated words, the Triple Threat Match was underway.

This was an incredible match involving 3 of the top wrestlers in San Antonio. All three men held advantages at some point during the match and each man was likewise the victim of double teams by the other two. When Rachel got involved, distracting the ref and Thunder, Darin Childs hit the Fall Form Grace on Dell, but rather than pin Dell himself, Childs left the ring, admonishing Thunder to make the cover. A confused Thunder quickly made the cover and scored the pin, retaining both titles. One is forced to wonder what price Thunder will have to pay to the Children of Pain who have now helped Thunder win or retain these titles for 3 months in a row.

The second match was a battle of big men from TWE as the Xtreme Bulldawg Rexx Reed made his ACW debut in a match against Cowboy James Claxton. These two men pounded on one another unrelentingly in an awesome display of power. Neither man seemed able to gain the advantage until the big Cowboy hit Reed with a face first full Nelson slam. The crowd responded in appreciation of the tremendous match both men had given.

In the third match, TWE wrestler Skitzo faced ACW wildman Showtime Summers. Summers came to the ring accompanied by the Diva Cat who seemed able to exercise some control over him. Both men showed a dazzling array of offense and despite Skitzo's TWE background, the ACW crowd were won over to the young wrestler. In a very even match between men with similar styles, it was only natural that outside interference would be the deciding factor. While Summers held the ref, the lovely but dangerous Cat entered the ring and hit Skitzo with a low blow. From this point on, it was easy for Summers to powerslam Skitzo and gain the victory.

Following the intermission, Houston introduced Texas Renegade who came to the ring with a new look after having his hair cut by Showtime Summers last month. Renegade vowed revenge on Summers but first had a score to settle with his former partner Johnny Rage. Rage however wasn't present so instead, from the lockerroom came Berry. The 150 lb Berry entered the ring with the confidence of a Super-Heavyweight, despite being outweighed by nearly 120 lbs. Berry immediately tried to get his offense going, but the massive Renegade was immovable and made short work of Berry who had to be carried to the back.

The fifth match featured 2 of the strongest men in wrestling as Prince faced Spiro. Both men seemed anxious to find out who was the better man and the match was fought cleanly before an appreciative crowd who applauded the sportsmanship and effort of the athletes. Several times the men exchanged tests of strength with neither man gaining a decisive advantage. The high point of the match came when Prince hit Spiro with a brutal spear, driving both men to the corner. Where most men would have been beaten, Spiro managed to grab the ropes and avoid the pin. Prince seemed totally amazed as no man in recent memory had been able to get up following his finisher. Spiro however rose before him and the match continued. The damage Spiro had received was too much and before long Prince was able to role him up for the pin.

After the match, Prince lead the crowd in applauding Spiro's effort, going so far as to say he would be honored to team with Spiro in the future should the opportunity arise. Prince then called out Jacob Ladder. Prince had never received his rematch since losing the Heavyweight title months before. Ladder explained that Prince had failed to win a #1 contenders match 2 months ago and that Prince needed to work his way up the rankings. He further added that Spiro was #10, so now Prince was #9 and it was going to be a long time before he would see an opportunity to fight for the championship. As Prince appealed to the crowd for support, Ladder attacked Prince, hitting him with the belt and knocking him out. Prince was helped to the back as Ladder boasted that "no one man in this company" could beat him.

From the back lockerroom emerged "One Man" Mike Dell. Dell insisted that he was the one man who could take the title. As Dell played to the crowd of supporters, Jacob Ladder attacked him with some brass knuckles. Commissioner Rachel declared the match on. Ladder quickly covered Dell, but amazingly Dell kicked out at three. Dell's recovery so stunned Ladder that Dell was able to get in some offense, but Ladder was clearly the dominant man. That is until Ladder made the mistake of attempting a suplex from the second rope. Dell reacted quickly, pushing Ladder off. Ladder landed awkwardly and Dell swooped in for the role up, gaining the 1-2-3 and the victory. The ACW has a new Heavyweight Champion "One Man" Mike Dell!

American Championship Wrestling
The Venue
Sunday, September 24, 2006

Match # 1 - Triple Threat for ACW Texas Title and TWE TV Title
Challenger Mike Dell vs. Darin Childs w/Rachel vs. Brett Thunder (win and retains titles)
Match # 2 - Rexx Reed vs. Cowboy James Claxton (win)
Match # 3 - Skitzo vs. Showtime Summers w/ Cat (win)
Match # 4 - Texas Renegade (win) vs. Berry
Match # 5 - Spiro vs. Prince (win)
Match # 6 - Main Event - ACW Heavyweight Title Match
Champion Jacob Ladder w/Rachel vs. Challenger Mike Dell (win and new champion)

TWE at Autofest Car Show

Texas Wrestling Entertainment was present at the 6th annual Autofest. Local wrestling fan JStead filed the following report for the San Antonio Independent Wrestling Scene:

TWE invaded the 6th Annual AutoFest show at the Cowboys Dance Hall on Sunday, 9/24/06.

Match #1: Windwalker defeated Big Dogg with a roll up. Windwalker got off to a quick start and grounded the much bigger, Big Dogg. Dogg was able to make a come back using his strength and size to his advantage; however Windwalker was able to stunt Dogg's comeback with a quick roll up after a Dogg mishap.

Match #2: Cowboy James Claxton defeated Chuey Martinez. Despite Martinez's focus on Claxton's arm and numerous questionable tactics by Martinez, Claxton was able to finish Claxton off with a big leg drop for the 1-2-3.

Match #3: Skitzo defeated Rexx Reed. Good match up between these two. The match provided action both inside and outside the ring. After Reed missed a big move from the top rope, Skitzo capitalized to get the victory.

Match #4: Brett Thunder retained his TWE TV Title by defeating Don Juan. This was a very good match !! Don Juan and Brett Thunder went back and forth displaying great offensive moves. Thunder gained the victory by rolling Don Juan up for the 3 count, while Don Juan was busy yapping at the crowd. Hopefully San Antonio fans will have the opportunity to see these two clash again in the near future as this match displayed two of the best talents in the area.

Thank you Justin. Enjoy the Ted Petty Invitational this next weekend!

Texas Wrestling Entertainment
6th Annual Autofest
Cowboys Dance Hall
Sunday, September 24, 2006

Match # 1 - Windwalker (win) vs. Big Dogg
Match # 2 - Cowboy James Claxton (win) vs. Chuey Martinez
Match # 3 - Skitzo (win) vs. Rexx Reed
Match # 4 - Main Event TWE TV Title
Challenger Don Juan vs. Champion Brett Thunder (win & retain title)

Upcoming Show Notes

The Scene has received conflicting reports that the Southwest Championship Wrestling Show on Lackland AFB is actually scheduled for October 14th instead of the 8th as previously reported. Neither date has been confirmed and The Scene is frantically attempting to find information from this and other promotions planning upcoming shows in San Antonio. If anyone wishes to file a report please contact the scene by email bayou_926@hotmail.com as always include the word "wrestling" in the subject line of all emails.

Weekend Report Part 2

PWI Saturday Night

Pro Wrestling International returned to S.P.L.A.C.H. Sports Bar on Nogalitos Saturday night and despite the threat of inclement weather, a large crowd enjoyed the six match show. The referee was Terry Sleaze. The play-by-play was ably handled by J.D. Kingston who was assisted by the lovely Missy who made the ring introductions.

The first match involved Ricky Rhodes, who was accompanied to the ring by his 210 Mob co-horts Ozzy Manson & Blain Steele. Rhodes' opponent for tonight was Johnny Rage. Referee Terry Sleaze had his hands full with the distractions and interference from Manson & Steele. Rage put up a valiant effort, but was never able to overcome the numbers game and could not come back from the initial attack. Rhodes and his partners celebrated his victory to the tune of the new 210 Mob theme music.

The next match pitted Berry against the PWI Cruiserweight Champion Dragon X. This match was not announced as a championship match, but Berry put up a concerted effort to defeat the masked wrestler from the orient. The two cruiserweights battled in a fast paced, high action match which ended with a top rope hurricanrana by Dragon X.

As J.D. Kingston interview Showtime Summers, my notebook was stolen by some guy standing next to me who wrote:

"The best part of the show was hanging out with team mex members Don Juan and Chris Marval.... also that tall goofy guy."

When Don Juan returned my notebook and went back to his place between Marval and Chuey Martinez, I was able to return my attention to Summers who had called out US Champion Blue Angel. Summers explained to Blue Angel that the belt used to belong to him. However, instead of challenging Blue Angel, Summers was offering him an opportunity to join him in the SWO (the Sexy World Order.) SWO member AJ offered Blue Angel a T-shirt but Blue Angel declined to take the shirt.

The show resumed with a tag team championship match. Challengers Ozzy Manson & Blaine Steele from the 210 Mob accompanied by Ricky Rhodes faced the champions Bobby Garrett & Manny Villalobos. The 210 Mob used their rulebreaking and interference tactics to control this match. As the action heated up, Referee Terry Sleaze was distracted by Rhodes ringside as Manson and Steele double teamed Villalobos. Garrett ran into the ring with one of the title belts but instead of attacking Manson or Steele, Garrett hit his own partner Villalobos. Blaine Steele took advantage of the situation and scored the pin, winning the belts.

As the Champions headed back to the lockerroom, the Team of the Hooligans took the microphone and challenged them. 2 months ago, the Hooligans had held the title but were stripped of the belts and suspended from PWI. Bull Harley and Crazy Jimmy stated that next month they were coming after the belts.

Next on the mic was Bobby Garrett who explained his reason for turning on Manny Villalobos. Garrett, he said, was tired of carrying the load for this team.

At this point, there was an intermission/rain delay. The light rain passed and the show continued with the forth match, a US Championship match. The challenger, Nightmare was a masked wrestler announced from El Paso. The Champion, Blue Angel was introduced as "Papa Gallo." As the music played, Papa Gallo danced to the ring. (Don Juan commented that he might have to talk to Papa Gallo about copyright infringement.) As the match began, Showtime Summers and AJ of the SWO came to the ring to yell encouragement to Papa Gallo. Papa Gallo tried to ignore them. Summers yelled at the crowd and at Papa Gallo. Summers only actually interfered when Papa Gallo attempted a pin. Summers distracted Sleaze and then yelled at Papa Gallo "You make him give up!" With this, Papa Gallo slapped on a Texas Cloverleaf and Nightmare tapped. After the match Summers and Papa Gallo squared off. After a few tense moments the two embraced. The laughed at the gullible crowd as Papa Gallo donned the SWO shirt.

The fifth match was for the PWI Heavyweight title as Ryu challenged the champion Mad Dog Ken Johnson. Rye's offense seemed too much for Mad Dog and it seemed as though this was going to be the night that Johnson dropped the belt, but Ryu made a fatal mistake. Knocking Johnson out of the ring with a vicious move, Ryu could do nothing as the injured Mad Dog was counted out. Ryu had won the match, but Johnson kept the belt. After the match, the newly formed SWO attacked the injured Ken Johnson. Summers made it clear that he had his sights on the Heavyweight Title.

The main event was originally supposed to have been a non-title hard core match between international champion Mojo and Mombasa, but Mombasa had not been able to make the show, so Mojo was left without an opponent. Mojo was so upset that he issued an open challenge to anyone in the lockerroom. He even offered to put the belt on the line. With this incentive, a challenger emerged from the back. Crazy Jimmy from the Hooligans came to the ring accompanied by his teammate Bull Harley and carrying a trashcan full of weapons. The action started almost immediately as Jimmy attacked the champion. The two battled viciously with no sign of let up. It was everything the ref could do to stay out of the way of the violence. The action spilled outside the ring and back in. A ladder, a trashcan, sheetpans and chairs were used in the match. After an incredible slam into the trashcan, Mojo was able to cover the unconscious Jimmy. Mojo had no time to celebrate as the members of SWO and the 210 Mob along with Berry stormed the ring chasing the Hooligans from the ring and pounding on Mojo. The two groups then turned on each other. Finally Mad Dog Ken Johnson, Skunk and Manny Villalobos charged the ring and along with Mojo, cleared the ring.

The date for the next PWI show has not been announced yet, but fans can now check out www.myspace.com/pwientertainment for information. The Scene has been told however that in November, PWI will be moving to an in-door facility close to the current location.

Pro Wrestling International
S.P.L.A.C.H. Sports Bar
Saturday, September 23, 2006

Match # 1 - Ricky Rhodes w/ Ozzy Manson & Blaine Steele (win) vs. Johnny Rage
Match # 2 - Berry vs. Dragon X (win)
Match # 3 - Tag Team Championship Match
Challengers 210 Mob - Ozzy Manson & Blaine Steele w/ Ricky Rhodes (win and new champions) vs. Champions Bobby Garrett & Manny Villalobos
Match # 4 - US Championship Match
Challenger Nightmare vs. Champion Papa Gallo (win)
Match # 5 - Heavyweight Championship Match
Challenger Ryu (win by countout) vs. Champion Mad Dog Ken Johnson
Match # 6 - Hardcore Match for International Championship
Challenger Crazy Jimmy w/ Bull Harley vs. Champion Mojo (win)

Upcoming Show Notes

Don Juan & Chris Marval invited the Scene to El Campo for a wrestling show on October 7th. The main event is a six-man match pitting Hotstuff Hernandez, Don Juan & Chris Marval against Mark Orton & the Nerdy Boys.

Also upcoming in San Angelo on November 4th is the BBOW show which is a part of a demolition derby and Tractor pull.

Southwest Championship Wrestling is scheduled to have a show on Lackland Air Force Base on October 8th. Details to come.

The Scene has also heard that a show is scheduled for October 7th. Details are sketchy but will be reported when available.

If anyone wishes to report information concerning upcoming shows in the area, please send information to Bayou_926@hotmail.com Please include the word "wrestling" in the subject line of any email.

Weekend Report Part 1

Friday Night Lucha

The Texas Wrestling Association returned to Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym at 2000 S. Presa Friday night with a card of 5 matches, all contested under Lucha Libre 2 falls out of 3 rules. The referees for the evening were Mano Negro and Juan Diego.

In the first match, Berry faced "The Lone Star Kid" Ricky Rhodes. The match started with a hand shake as neither of these men portrayed traditional Rudo or Technico roles. Rhodes outweighed Berry by over 40 lbs and towered over him. Using his size advantage Rhodes took an early advantage winning the first fall with a superplex. In the second fall, Berry staged a comeback, resorting to a lucha style which seemed to confuse Rhodes with its rapid moves and reversals. In the end however, Rhodes size was too much for Berry who fell prey to a pedigree from Rhodes who won the match in 2 straight falls. After the match, Berry and Rhodes displayed their good sportsmanship by shaking hands once more.

The next match featured Ozzy Manson facing Gato Jr. Ozzy seemed overwhelmed by the rapid-fire offense of Gato in the early part of the match and when Gato scored a top rope neckbreaker, Ozzy found himself down by one fall. Manson reversed the momentum in the second fall, grounding the high flyer and submitting Gato with a viscous looking leg lock. Ozzy attempted to continue the momentum by attacking Gato Jr. outside the ring before the start of the third fall. Manson dominated the clearly hurt Gato throughout this fall, but when Ozzy went for his finisher, Gato was able to get the reversal with a roll up for the final pin. Outraged, Manson took a chair to Gato's knee and then ripping his mask to shreds. Gato Jr. needed to be carried to the lockerroom after Manson was finished with him.

The third match was between Mu
ñeco Nexxus and Azteca Loro. Nexxus is a large and colorful character while Azteca is an athletic lean luchadore. Nexxus was the rudo in this match and was assisted in his efforts by Referee Juan Diego who made no effort to disguise his bias in the match. Nexxus scored the first pin following a powerslam. Azteca came back in the second fall, ripping the bright blue wig from the head of Nexxus. The more athletic Azteca chased Nexxus to the floor, then ascending to the top of the ring post, dove down atop Nexxus. Azteca made it back into the ring, but Nexxus was unable to beat the 20 count, giving Azteca the second fall. The third fall went to Nexxus who recovered enough to power through Azteca with a hard slam to the mat and the pin.

The fourth match was a tag match pitting the team of Comando & Gato Diabolico against El Zombi & Sol Azteca. Although Zombi has a long career as a Rudo, in this match he and Sol Azteca were the technicos. They worked well together in the first fall with Azteca scoring a submission victory over Comando. In the second fall, the rudos relied on much rulebreaking with support from Juan Diego and Gato submitted Azteca. The third fall was a case of "the revenge of the technicos" as Zombi and Sol Azteca took out their frustrations on Juan Diego as well as Comando & Gato Diabolico. When they had satisfied themselves, they teamed together to score submissions overtheirr opponents.

The Main Event was a tag match between the team of Lemus 2 & Brindis and the team of La Viagra and Mr. Muerte. The outrageous team of Viagra and Muerte seemed less focused than Lemus and Brindis in the first fall and fell prey to a double submission. The second fall was rather confusing as all four men battled in and out of the ring. Both Referees were involved in this match and Juan Diego continued supporting the rudos throughout. At the height of the action, Viagra was able to roll up Lemus and score the pin, evening the match at 1 fall each. The team of Brindis and Lemus seemed quite frustrated at this point and their teamwork seemed to suffer, while the team of Muerte and Viagra began clicking. The match ended with Viagra submitting Lemus. After the match, a clearly irate Lemus 2 challenged Muerte to a singles match. Muerte declined. Perhaps in the near future Lemus 2 will get his hand on Mr. Muerte.

In two weeks, on October 6th, TWA is bringing in several wrestlers from AAA in Mexico to face the wrestlers of TWA. The main event announced is Joiuito Flores & Crazy USA vs. Blue Angle & Brindis del Aire. Other luchadores scheduled to appear areTerroro del Norte, El Puma along with many of the TWA regulars.

Texas Wrestling Association
Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym
Friday September 22, 2006

Match # 1 - Berry vs. Ricky Rhodes (win 2 straight falls)
Match # 2 - Ozzy Manson vs. Gato Jr. (win 2 falls to 1)
Match # 3 - Muñeco Nexxus (win 2 falls to 1) vs. Azteca Loro
Match # 4 - Tag Match
Comando & Gato Diabolico vs. El Zombi & Sol Azteca (win 2 falls to 1)
Match # 5 - Main Event Tag Match
Lemus 2 & Brindis vs. La Viagra & Mr. Muerte (win 2 falls to 1)

Friday, September 22, 2006

TWE Schedule Notes

Sergio, the webmaster for www.texaswrestlingentertainment.com released the following information:

Caldwell show has been cancelled, Autofest show at Cowboys starts at 5... Brett (and possibly Skitzo) will be at ACW... Thats the last I have heard from RBG... Will update more when I know or I am sure he will... Stay tuned...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Message from RCW President Brandon Oliver

River City Wrestling President Brandon Oliver released the following information today:

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Important note regarding RCW on KCWX, and live event info

Tomorrow night's broadcast of RCW on KCWX will be the final broadcast in that timeslot. There are two reasons for this:

1) RCW has reached the end of its initial 13-week contract.

2) UPN2 and the WB have merged into the CW, which now places additional programming and advertisers onto KCWX, and they are readjusting their schedules.

I am pursuing other timeslots for RCW on KCWX, and once a new contract is signed, I will let you know what time the show will air. This may take sometime, so please understand if the show doesn't return immediately. I am also pursuing the possibility of doing specials as opposed to a weekly program.

Tomorrow night, RCW on KCWX will feature RCW Classics with the Three-Way Ladder Match between The Nerdy Boys, The Natural Athletes, and The Texas Treats from Breaking All of the Rules I and the final fall between Fast Eddie and Masada. It airs tomorrow night at 12:30 a.m., on KCWX (channel 4 on Time Warner).

As for live events:

Many of you have been supportive during RCW's hiatus due personal issues. I appreciate your comments, prayers and thoughts, as does my family.

I will say that live events are being planned. I can tell you that we already have several that need to be confirmed. The first may be closer than you think. As soon as they are confirmed, they will be posted here.

Thank you for your continued support.

Brandon Oliver
Promoter - River City Wrestling
(210) 842-8398

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Local Wrestler in IWA-MS

Local wrestling fan has JStead has informed the San Antonio Independent Wrestling Scene that Another Local Wrestler has been scheduled to appear in IWA Mid-South.

This was posted by a representative of IWA MS on their message board. Simply Lucious has been added to the first IWA MS "Queen of the Death Match tournament" :

"Queen of the Death Matches and Double Death Tag Team Death Match Tournament

Friday and Saturday November 3rd and 4th, 2006
Capitol Sports Center
1915 Gladden Road
Plainfield, Indiana

Well wrestling fans, the already huge death match weekend is shaping up rather nicely. Here are the participants so far for the first ever "Queen Of The Death Matches":

1.)Mickie Knuckles- (IWA Mid-South)

2.)Amy Lee- (PWU)

3.)Riptide- (former ECW superstar)

4.)Lufisto- (Canada)

5.)Mayumi Ozaki- (Japan)

6.)Simply Luscious"

Congrats to Lucious. Hopefully she does well. Hopefully the C.O.P. will be added to the tag team tournament the following night, There appears to be intrest from the midwest folks to see them again too !!!

Thank you Justin for helping San Antonio fans remain informed about their favorite local wrestlers.

Big Weekend Coming Up!

Area wrestling fans have a big weekend to look forward to coming up. The weekend begins with the Thursday Night/Friday Morning broadcast of RCW Rampage

(from River City Wrestling www.rcw-wrestling.com)

This week on RCW on KCWX: Ladder Match, Fast Eddie-Masada

Sept. 21 edition of RCW on KCWX

RCW Classics takes a look back at the first Breaking All of the Rules to see how the International Power Station was formed. Witness the Three-Way Ladder Match for the Tag Team Championship between The Nerdy Boys, The Natural Athletes, and the Texas Treats. Then, the deciding fall of the 2-out-of-3 falls match between Masada and Fast Eddie.

Remember, RCW on KCWX airs every Thursday night/Friday morning at 12:30 a.m. on KCWX, the UPN2 affiliate for South Texas.

Friday night, The Texas Wrestling Association is running their show at the Texas Wolverine All-Star Gym at 2000 South Presa. TWA runs Lucha Libre shows every other Friday. The show begins at 7:30 PM.

On Saturday, local fans have two choices. Texas Wrestling Entertainment is in Caldwell Texas.
The show is at the Caldwell Civic Center, 103 Presidential Corridor. Doors open at 6:30, the show is scheduled to start at 7:30. Check out www.texaswrestlingentertainment.com for all the information.

Also on Saturday, Pro Wrestling Entertainment is returning to S.P.L.A.C.H. Sports Bar at 905 Nogalitos. The show starts at 8:00 PM and promises to be highly entertaining.

Sunday also promises to be a busy day for local wrestlers and wrestling fans. TWE's myspace calendar list a show at the 6th Annual Autofest at Cowboys Dance Hall at 3030 NE Loop 410. The Autofest is scheduled to run from 10:00 AM until 8:PM. Not bell time for the wrestling matches have been announced, but it should be early in the afternoon as TWE wrestlers are also expected to show up at the ACW Show that afternoon.

Also Sunday, American Championship Wrestling is running a show at The Venue 800 Lexington starting at 4:00 PM. These shows have been outstanding as the wrestlers of ACW are fending off the invasion from the wrestlers of TWE.

Also Sunday, Southern Thunder Pro Wrestling returns to the New Cattleman's Bar & Grill in Lytle, Texas. The New Cattleman's is situated along the northbound access road to I-35 in Lytle Texas. Bell time is scheduled at 5 PM.

All in all, this weekend promises to be an incredible experience for wrestling fans. I hope to see several of you.

Monday, September 18, 2006

MAW Show Friday Night

Last Friday, September 15th, Mexican American Wrestling returned to Sociedad Cruz Blanca with a show featuring 5 matches. Referee duties were split between Mano Negro and Juan Diego. The first match featured Berry facing Sol Azteca from Monterey Mexico. This was a very interesting match as Sol Azteca showed some fascinating array of moves. Berry responded well to the challenge getting some offense in his first truly Lucha Libre match. In the end, Sol Azteca slapped a submission hold on Berry who was forced to tap out.

The second match was a tag match between two teams of Rudos. El Ilegal & Gato Diabolico faced the team of Mini Diablo & El Diablo. The fans responded to this unusual matchup, supporting whichever team was showing the most innovative offense at the time. The teams were very evenly matched and were well aware of each others tactics. As the action heightened, all four men were in the ring. As El Ilegal pinned El Diablo, Mini Diablo was pinning Gato Diabolico, leading to a split decision and setting up a rematch in 2 weeks.

The next match was a tag team involving 4 of top wrestlers in MAW including Champion Mr. Muerte and his partner Virus facing former champion Lemus 2 and Ave Fenix. All four men have issues with the others and both teams had breakdowns in team work. Virus seemed upset at the popularity of his partner Muerte and both Lemus and Fenix seemed to blame the other for missed moves and opportunities. This led to Lemus and Fenix squaring off. Virus stepped in to help Lemus, but Muerte put a stop to this. Lemus and Virus then both turned on Muerte, beating him down. The official results was a double countout, but the more important result is the apparent change of Lemus 2 back to Rudo and Mr. Muerte becoming a Technico. Lemus claims no loyalty or allegiance to Virus and a 3 way match has been set up for the next MAW show.

In the fourth match, fans were treated to a match-up between the two most athletic luchadores from last show's main event. Gato Volador returned to MAW to face Estrella Universal. These two men from Monterey gave the crowd an fantastic show. This was a 2 falls out of 3 match and both men showed their offensive and defensive strengths as Gato Volador won the first fall by submission. During the second fall things got personal as Estrella Universal hit Gato Volador with a stop sign which tore Gato's mask and bloodied his forehead. The stunned Gato tried to put up some defense, but was unable to avoid the pinfall. The 3rd fall was just as contentious as the second as the two men battled inside and outside the ring. Rudo referee Juan Diego attempted to help Estrella Universal but when Gato Volador escaped his grip, Diego was knocked out by Estrella. Gato rolled up Estrella but with Juan Diego out, it was Mano Negro who came to the ring and made the 3 count. The two wrestlers weren't through however and the challenge was made and accepted to remeet next show Mask vs. Mask.

The Main Event was a trios match, 2 falls out of 3. The Rudo team of Dragon X, Imperius & Poder Boriqua faced the Technicos Brindis, Batman & Robin. This match was at its best when Dragon X and Brindis were in the ring as these two men have a building rivalry. In the first fall, the technicos gained an advantage and Robin was able to pin Imperius. Imperius was able to get some revenge in the second fall by submitting Brindis. In the third and final fall, the Rudos began abusing the referee Juan Diego who normal supports the Rudos, but in this case, he switched his loyalties, helping Batman to gain the pin on Poder Boriqua.

Mexican American Wrestling
Sociedad Cruz Blanca
Friday, September 15, 2006

Match # 1 - Berry vs. Sol Azteca (win)
Match # 2 - Tag Team Match
El Ilegal & Gato Diabolico vs. Mini Diablo & El Diablo (split decision)
Match # 3 - Tag Team Match
Virus & Mr. Muerte vs. Lemus 2 & Ave Fenix (double countout)
Match # 4 - 2 falls out of 3 Match
Gato Volador (win 2-1) vs. Estrella Universal
Match # 5 - Main Event - Six Man Tag Team Match - 2 falls out of 3
Dragon X, Imperius & Poder Boriqua vs. Brindis, Batman & Robin (win 2-1)

Friday, September 15, 2006


The current Pro Wrestling Illustrated (the annual PWI 500 issue) includes results from Breaking All of the Rules II in its Arena Reports section. Also in that issue, on the PWI Official Ratings page RCW is included in the rotating promotions section.

The River City Wrestling Ratings for the period ended August 8, 2006 are:
Champion - Hotstuff Hernandez
1 - Andrew Dalton
2 - Ikaika
3 - Mike Dell
4 - Kazushi Miyamoto
5 - Fast Eddie Vegas
6 - Don Juan
7 - Chris Marval
8 - Quinten Allen
9 - Wally Darkmon
10 - Joey Spector

Congratulations to all the wrestlers for receiving a small fraction of the national recognition they deserve.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

RCW TV Show Tonight

Tonight on RCW on KCWX: LAX on local TV!!

Tonight on RCW on KCWX (Sept. 14):

NWA-TNA's Latin American XChange -- Konnan, Homicide, & RCW Champ Hotstuff Hernandez -- against then-International Power Station members Fast Eddie Vegas, Chris Marval, and Spiro in a match taped from May 7 at Tiffany's Billiards. See the current NWA-TNA Tag Team Champions in action on this week's RCW Classics segment!

RCW on KCWX airs every Thursday night/Friday morning at 12:30 a.m. on KCWX, South Texas' UPN2 affiliate.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Local Wrestlers in PWI 500

Pro Wrestling Illustrated has once again published its annual PWI 500 issue. This list is always the subject of much debate. Aside from TNA, WWE and ROH stars Christopher Daniels, Bryan Danielson, Homicide, Konnan & Al Snow who all appeared on local Indy shows, 5 wrestlers on the list appeared in shows in San Antonio:
71 Milano Collection AT
299 Necro Butcher
445 Andrew Dalton
470 Darin Childs
488 Seth Shai

Congratulations to those who received the national recognition.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Web Page Updated

Local San Antonio wrestler El Latino has informed the San Antonio Independent Wrestling Scene that his web page has been updated. You can find it at www.latindeathdrop.com

Additionally, El Latino has a blog page which can be found at www.ellatino3.blogspot.com check it out.

The San Antonio Independent Wrestling Scene will gladly post links to any independent wrestler who has worked in San Antonio during the year 2006. Wrestlers should send their information to bayou_926@hotmail.com Please include the word "wrestling" in the subject line of any email.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

San Antonio Lucha Libre Results

Local Lucha Libre Report www.saluchalibre.blogspot.com has posted the results from the recent Texas Wrestling Association show. The English language version of the report is printed here with permission.

Texas Wrestling Association Results- 9/8/06 (English Version)
On September 8th, TWA Wrestling held another action packed event at the Texas Wolverine Gym Located at 2000 S. Presa. The card featured 4 top quality matches.

Match #1: Sol Azteca vs. El Gato (2 of 3 falls)
Referee: Juan Diego
The first match of the night introduced us to the newest rudo in San Antonio, Sol Azteca, versus El Gato.
The first fall was very hard hitting, a display of athletic ability. In the end Sol Azteca put El Gato in the camel clutch and quickly got the submission win.
The second fall saw a turn in offense. El Gato dominated this fall with many power moves. Just as it seemed that Gato would put this fall away, Sol Azteca unmasked his opponent. Referee Juan Diego had no other choice but to DQ the fall and declare Gato the winner. Because of this Sol Azteca walked and Juan Diego declared the match a draw.
Winner: Tie (1-1)

Match #2: El Zombi vs. Horoscopo (2 of 3 falls)
Referee: Juan Diego
The second match of the night is to be considered as one of the most brutal matches in TWA history. Technico Horoscopo faced the Union Wrestling Federation Lightheavyweight Champion El Zombi.
The first fall was rather quick victory favoring the rudo Zombi, winning the fall by submission.
The second fall is where the action began. A series of brutal hits to the face by Zombi opened up Horoscopo. Although he was drenched in blood, Horoscopo did not quit, eventually turning offensive and ripping the mask off Zombi. Horoscopo put Zombi in a submission hold and got the fall win.
In the final fall of the match both competitors were exhausted. After a series of chops by both men, Zombie climbed the ropes and attempted a flying body press. Horoscopo quickly raised his legs and countered the move, easily getting the 1, 2, 3 victory.
Winner: Horoscopo

After the match Horoscopo challenged Zombi for his UWA Light Heavyweight Championship. Zombi quickly accepted and signed the contract then and there. The match is scheduled for the September 22 show.

Match #3: El Diablo and Gato Diabolico vs. Lemus II and Ave Fenix (2 of 3 falls)
Referee: Juan Diego
The next contest featured the hellish team of Diablo and Gato Diabolico going up against two of San Antonio's best luchadors, Lemus II and Ave Fenix.
The first fall was one sided form the bell. The rudos dominated and easily got the submission win over Lemus and Fenix.
The second fall the technicos were able to turn it around and simultaneously submitted the rudos, Diablo and Gato.
The third fall turned into a brawl by the crowd. Juan Diego started the mandatory ten count, and no wrestler answered, resulting in a double count out.
Winner: Tie (1-1)

After the match, the rudos continued the beat down on the technicos, and injured Lemus's left knee.

Main Event: Brindis and Crazy Boy vs. Mini Diablo and La Viagra (2 of 3 falls)
Referee: Juan Diego
The final match of the night was truly a crowd pleaser. The athletically gifted technico team of Brindis and Crazy Boy faced the Quick rudo Mini Diablo and the Exotic Viagra.
In the first fall the technicos were too much to to handle, winning by pinfall.
The second fall found the rudos regain their composure. Mini Diablo climbed the ropes and frog splashed Brindis and got the three count.
In the third fall both team's communication broke down. Mini Diablo and La Viagra got into a shoving match, while Crazy Boy fouled Brindis. Juan Diego threw out the match, after seeing enough.
Winner: Tie (1-1)

After the match La Viagra challenged the three other men to a 4- way no DQ elimination match. They other men accepted and is scheduled for the September 22nd show.

TWA Quick Results- 9/8/06:

Match #1: Sol Azteca vs. El Gato Jr. (2 of 3 falls)
Winner: Tie (1-1)

Match #2: El Zombi vs. Horoscopo (2 of 3 falls)
Winner: Horoscopo

Match #3: El Diablo and Gato Diabolico vs. Lemus II and Ave Fenix (2 of 3 falls)
Winner: Tie (1-1)

Main Event: Brindis and Crazy Boy vs. La Viagra and Mini Diablo (2 of 3 falls)
winner: Tie (1-1)

Tonight's Show Rescheduled

The Texas Wrestling Show previously scheduled for tonight at the Presa Community Center has been rescheduled for September 30th. The following quote comes from the TWE website www.texaswrestlingentertainment.com

Due to circumstances beyond our control, tonights show at Presa Community Center has been rescheduled for 9/30/06... We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to seeing you there on 9/30. Don't forget TWE at The Venue on 9/24!

See you then!

Friday, September 08, 2006

SA Indy Wrestling Scene News & Notes

A Message from Hector Navarro

Hector Navarro posted the following message on the TWE Newsboard today:

Hey everybody this is Hector. I just wanted to thank everybody for their thoughts and prayers. It was a very hard time in the beginning of all this. I know I gave my family a big scare but everything is starting to look better. I'm still trying to build up my lung capacity. It had collapsed on 8/26 and I had tubes put into my chest and I was able to breathe right away and then had a pump that was taking fluid that I had built up in my lung from the infection. All that came out the next week, chest tubes and everything. I've been breathing without assisted oxygen for about a week. I'm moving around as much as I can. It feels a LOT better than laying in bed all day. I walk with a walker everyday around the hospital. I am able to walk without it but I only do it around the room. I had a CAT scan done on my leg today cause there is some slight inflammation. We'll wait for the results of that and see what happens. I'm still not sure when I'll be out of here but I'm not worried about when I go home. As long as I get better is what matters. Tomorrow will be three weeks that I have been here. Seems like forever to me. Doesn't matter though as long as I get better.

Well anyway, again, I just wanted to thank everybody for their support. I really felt everyone's prayers and I want to thank you for them.

ACW Show Date Changes

American Championship Wrestling has issued the following statement concerning the upcoming September show:

Date Changed to September 24th 2006 due to unforeseen issues within the ACW family. ACW thanks all the fans for their continued support. Matches to be announced soon.

Sept. 24th at 4pm


800 Lexington

San Antonio, TX

The San Antonio Independent Wrestling Scene has learned that this change is a result of prior commitments and ACW's continuing efforts to provide the best show and talent for the fans. Please check out the ACW web page or Myspace for information. www.myspace.com/acw_sa

Thursday, September 07, 2006

TWE News and Notes

The following information was posted on the TWE web page www.texaswrestlingentertainment.com today:

Hector Navarro has made steady progress in the last few days. He is now walking with and at times with out a walker. Doctors are looking at a release date at this time, and are just taking precautionary measures to ensure that when he is released, he will be released for good.

Brett Thunder defeated Mike Dell in a title vs title match on 8/27. ACW Commissioner Rachel, has stated that Thunder is creating a debt to the Children of Pain, since they were instrumental in Thunders win for the TWE TV title over Milano Collection AT.

Milano Collection has returned to his home in Japan, where has signed a 1 year contract with New Japan. In the days preceding his departure, efforts were being made by NWA-TNA to sign the Japanese Superstar.

Jacob Ladder and Darin Childs will be participating in a MMA show in Virginia later in September.

Manpig Productions continues to capture footage for a Documentary focusing on TWA/TWE.

Interest has come from Waco, Texas to be the host city of Star Warz. At this point negotiations are continuing between some of the top names in Independent Wrestling. Tentative date is set for December 3rd.

Skitzo has commented he wants to take away Thunders belts, one at a time, or both at the same time. Big Dogg has made inquiries about Thunders titles as well.

Windwalker made his debut in NWA-ANARCHY on Saturday September 2nd vs. North Carolina veteran Stray Cat Brody Chase. Reports are Windwalker went down in defeat after a barrage of power moves, but was taken by the Anarchy fans, and has been granted a spot on the roster, joining Skitzo, Brett Thunder, Big Dog, and Hector Navarro upon his return. Good Job.

Chris Marval and Don Juan made an appearance vs Children of Pain in Giddings Texas on 8/25. The Treats almost came out with the win after several near pinfalls, but due to the stipulations of the match, which was originally scheduled to have Skitzo and Navarro vs CoP, this was a No Disqualification match. Seeing the titles slip from their fingers, CoP brought out the hardware and stepped it up a notch, defeating the Treats with Jacob Ladder executing a Death Valley Driver on Don Juan through a table outside the ring. The Treats have been invited back.

Extreme Bulldogg Rex Reed continues to impress. Went toe to toe, and step for step with the smaller Thunder in College Station. Talks have begun to bring in Texas Champion Mike Foxx. The legendary Skandar Akbar's Devastation Inc. Mr Wrestling III and Slam Shady have their eyes set on the Tag Team titles and the Texas title.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Weekend Report

Mexican American Wrestling Show Friday

On Friday the 1st of September, MAW returned to Sociedad Cruz Blanca on West Poplar. The show featured 4 matches. The crowd was large and wild. In attendance were two young men who have decided to present reports from San Antonio Lucha Shows on a blog found at www.saluchalibre.blogspot.com The following English language report comes directly from their website where one can find a report in Spanish as well. Check them out!

Mexican American Wrestling presented another fun filled show at Sociedad Cruz Blanca on September 1st. The show had something for everyone and provided an action packed card.

Match #1: Tommy Gunn vs. Monje Diabolico
Referee: Mano Negra
The first match of the night pitted hometown favorite Tommy Gunn against Mexico's rudo, Monje Diabolico. The crowd thoroughly supported Gunn, but at the end, the more athletically gifted Monje Diabolico was able to out maneuver Gunn and pinned him for the 3 count.
Winner: Monje Diabolico

Match #2: Dragon X and Brindis del Aire vs. Viruz and La Viagra
Referee: Mano Negro
The second match of the night saw the high-flying team of Brindis and Dragon X take on the oddly paired team of Viruz and La Viagra. The technico team gave Viruz and Viagra a head ache, and practically had the match won, until Dragon X did the unthinkable. Dragon X decked his partner Brindis, then joined the two rudos in beating down Brindis.
Winner: No Contest

After the beatdown, Dragon X said he is the best Cruiserweights in the city, and challenged Brindis to a one on one match for the next show.

Semi-Final Match: M.A.W. Championship(2 out of 3 falls)
Lemus II (champion) vs. Mr. Muerte
Referee: Juan Diego
This major title bout lived up to the hype providing an exceptional matchup. Two of the best luchadors in San Antonio, the hero and champ of MAW, Lemus II, and the charismatic rudo, Mr. Muerte, put on a heck of a show.
Lemus II, who was accompanied by Tommy Gunn, took over early and never let up on Muerte, who was accompanied by Viruz. Lemus quickly took the first fall and was one fall closer to retaining his title.
In the second fall, Muerte recovered and was able to gain some offense. He was able to pin Lemus with some help from the rudo referee Juan Diego.
In the third, and controversial fall, Viruz injected himself by interfering in the match. Lemus was extremely close to submitting Muerte, but Viruz got into the ring, and hit Lemus in the back of the head. With the hold broken, Muerte broke free and got an illegal object from Viruz. Muerte then decked Lemus with the object while Juan Diego was "distracted". Diego then turned around and counted the 1-2-3. Mr. Muerte became the winner and new champ.
Winner and new M.A.W. Champion: Mr. Muerte

After Muerte celebrated with his fans, Viruz got on the mic and said he deserved to be champion. Viruz said he beat Lemus a while back, and practically beat him tonight. Viruz said when Mr. Muerte was ready to face a real challenge, he would be ready.

Main Event: Batman, San Quintin the Clown and El Gato Volador vs. Poder Boriqua, Estrella Universal and El Zombi (2 of 3 falls)
Referee: Juan Diego
The main event of the night was a match that was a real crowd-pleaser. The first fall was taken by the technicos by some help from, of all people, the rudo Juan Diego.
The second fall, was won by the rudo squad, after Estrella submitted El Gato Volador.
The third fall ended when Estrella accused Gato Volador of a foul he did not commit. After immense arguing, Juan Diego went back to his roots and sided with the rudos. The techincos were disqualified, and the third fall was awarded to the rudos.
Winners: Poder Boriqua, Estrella Universal and El Zombi

After the match, El Gato Volador challenged Estrella to a match, to which he did not respond.

***The SA Lucha Staff would like to thank all the wrestlers for a great show. The point of going to wrestling shows is to get away from the stress and problems of everyday life and to get so much into the show that you forget about everything. These special luchadors sure did that at this show. ***

MAW Quick Results for 9/1/06:

Match #1: Tommy Gunn vs. Monje Diabolico
Winner: Monje Diabolico

Match #2: Dragon X and Brindis del Aire vs. Viruz and La Viagra
Winner: No Contest

Semi-Final Match: M.A.W. Championship(2 out of 3 falls)
Lemus II (champion) vs. Mr. Muerte

Winner and new MAW Champion: Mr. Muerte

Main Event: Batman, San Quintin the Clown and El Gato Volador vs. Poder Boriqua, Estrella Universal and El Zombi (2 of 3 falls)
Winners: Poder Boriqua, Estrella Universal and El Zombi

Thank You David and Raul

ACW Announces first match for next show

American Championship Wrestling has released the following information this weekend:

ACW - Sept 17th 2006 at 4pm live from "The Venue"

Brett Thunder vs "One Man" Mike Dell vs Darin Childs for the ACW Texas Heavyweight Title!!!

Who does Mike Dell have to blame for losing the ACW Texas Title? is it TWE Ref Rick Porter for running in on an ACW sanctioned title match and counting the 1-2-3? Was it all a plan by Brett Thunder or did former champ Darin Childs influence his co-cohort commish Rachel to grant the overtime after a time limit draw was reached? Will Brett Thunder pay back Darin Childs for the Children of Pain's interference allowing Brett Thunder to win the TWE Television Title from Japanese Superstar Milano Collection AT?

Don't miss any of the action: 4 pm on September 17th 2006.

American Championship Wrestling
800 Lexington
San Antonio, TX

Hector Navarro Improving

Rudy Gonzalez of Texas Wrestling Entertainment has released the following information concerning the health of Hector Navarro:

Just want everyone to know that Hector is slowly pulling out of this illness and is showing improvement everyday. At this point, he is walking, with a walker, down the hallway for a short distance and back to his room.
I received a text message from him, via cell phone, just asking how everyone is doing, and what's going on. He is not able to talk too much as he is also recovering from a collapsed lung, that occurred last week. His brother had brought in his laptop, to see the Web-site messages, and to just catch up on things, but the hospital won't let him keep it.
Hector still has a long ways to go for recovery, but at least we're in the right direction.
Thanks for the messages on behalf of his family, and keep those prayers coming.


Friday, September 01, 2006

TWE Fundraiser 9-9

Rudy Gonzalez of Texas Wrestling Entertainment has informed the San Antonio Independent Wrestling Scene that TWE will be appearing at a fundraiser for the Presa Community Center on September 9th. The Main Event for this show will be a rare appearance by former WWF Superstar Doink. Tickets for this show are only $5 and will benefit the Community Center which is located at 3721 S. Presa on the corner of S. Presa and Uvalde. Bell Time is scheduled for 7:30 pm.